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1207 Property - 31 July 2012

24th July 2012






1               Property

1.1           Cleaning

1.1.1      New cleaning contractor has commenced well.

1.1.2    A communication book has been developed to ensure cleaner/staff communication is clear and dealt with appropriately.


2          2.1       Minor Maintenance

2.1.1    This budget area continues to be one that is unpredictable (see below).


3          3.1       Property Plan

3.1.1    New Property Consultants Watershed (Francie Lawson and Kris Morris-Vette) have commenced work on our long term property plans

3.1.2    The five year plan has been modified and referred to the Ministry of Education for approval to changes made.

3.1.3    Attached is a copy of the work I discussed with Francie and Kris last week showing the older version of the 5year plan, the alterations to this agreement and the most recent plan with these adjustments.

3.1.4    It is envisaged that work on the classroom upgrades (Room1,2,5,6) will commence by the middle/end of December

3.1.5    FNDC has been following up on a Code of Compliance for the R1/2 canopy which was not completed, I have been liaising with ex Property Consultant Pat Brennan to get information required to FNDC so that the certificate is issued and the area complies.

3.1.6    Holiday projects recently completed were:

·      special needs modifications for a child in Room 1, the cost for this has to be met by the school. Further special needs work will be organised by Watershed and these costs will be covered by MOE.

·      Sandpit tidy up of surrounds, pipes and gate

·      New seating outside all rooms


4          4.1       Fixed Assets

4.1.1    The fixed asset register continues to be updated by Education Services Limited.

Link to Five Year Property Plan - Alterations to agreement and 5 Year Summary Sheet

Financial Statement