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1108 Property - 9 August 2011





1.     Cleaning

1.1.  Green acres – Mihi and Mohamed continue to be our contract cleaners. They now employed two workers who happen to be a mother and grandmother of children who attend our school.

1.2.  Mihi and Mohamed are currently away in Algeria due back in 6 weeks.

1.3.  Staff are regularly asked to provide feedback regarding school cleaning to ensure that it happens appropriately     


2.     Minor Maintenance

2.1.  This budget area continues to be one that is unpredictable.


3.     Property Plan

3.1.  Pat Brennan of Patson Services is our current school project manager.

3.2.  Pat has indicated that he intends to reduce his workload and retire by October of this year. Therefore a new project manager will need to be secured. I will need to start this process very soon to ensure that projects are not delayed and that a transition phase is managed.

3.3.  Pat will send a formal letter in the next week or so. If the school wishes, Pat can recommend replacement providers of service for consideration. Alternatively we can refer to the list of preferred suppliers on the Ministry website and engage a new consultant from this list. Should we wish to follow this method, it will mean that we do not have to follow ministry procurement processes.

3.4.  I would like to recommend the latter and suggest that I seek an indication of interest from consultants Kristoff who currently manage Moerewa and Kawakawa Primary schools.

3.5.  Hall works have been completed with new kitchen cabinets, partial roof cladding replacement, new vinyl floor coverings, installation of shelving, changes to store to allow extension to kitchen, installation of vertiface wall linings, sanding and re-polyurethaning of hall floor. Air conditioning installed as a separate job.

3.6.  The Ministry funded administration project includes “fixing leaks” This was completed by Reconstruct Ltd – Prendos managed these works

3.7.  Rms 13-17 decks finally have a certificate of Code Compliance. Ongoing maintenance of this deck is now the responsibility of the school.

3.8.  An upgrade of plumbing and septic drainage was recently completed as per 5 ya plan.

3.9.  Projects included in the 2010/2011 5ya plan are: Upgrades to Rooms 5/6 and Rooms 1/2, Room12 replace vinyl/carpet, upgrade and replacement of distribution boards.


4.     Fixed Assets

4.1.  The fixed asset register continues to be updated by Education Services Limited.