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1010 Budget Planning - 19 October 2010

2011 Budget Report to the Board of Trustees

Prepared by Chicky Rudkin for Tuesday 19th October, 2010 Meeting


1.     All spending for the 2010 budget period will cease from the end of October.

1.1.  Some areas as reported will be overspent and there are a few that will remain underspent.

1.2.  The equipment purchased for the Multi Sensory Room has arrived in Auckland however approximately $2200 is required in order for us to receive a ??? and be able to uplift the equipment.

1.3.  At the next planned staff meeting we will discuss the budget process to ensure staff are aware of requirements for 2011.

2.     The 2010 spending will be reviewed and the 2011 programme planned with an initial budget amounts suggested by staff with curriculum responsibility.

2.1.  Suggested budget amounts will be inserted into the budget template and  adjusted as required to ensure that spending is appropriate to funding available.

2.2.  Staff with particular responsibility collaborate with other staff to ensure that all opinions and suggestions are considered when preparing budgets.

2.3.  Literacy and Numeracy will continue to be focus areas therefore these areas will have budget priority with ICT tools supplementing them.

2.4.  Some areas we cannot adjust and budget amounts are non-negotiable.

2.5.  The optimum outcome of the budget for the year is to operate with a zero balance.

2.6.  The school template from Education Services Limited has included our 2011 figures and been forwarded to us. A copy is attached fyi (See below)

2.7.  Warwick at Education Services is always contacted if there are any concerns, changes or queries when configuring the budget.



Athlene Rudkin (Chicky)


Don Edmonds,
16 Oct 2010, 01:37
Don Edmonds,
16 Oct 2010, 01:36