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1009 Principal’s Annual Performance Agreement 2010-11

Kaikohe East School

Principal’s Annual Performance Agreement 2010-11[1]

1.      The board chairperson is responsible for the implementation of the principal’s appraisal policy and process.

2.      In the event of a dispute arising from the principal’s appraisal the board chairperson will seek advice from the New Zealand School Trustees’ Association.

3.      The principal may request that the appraisal documentation remain confidential to the board.

Performance Expectations

·         The board’s expectations of the principal are documented in its Operations Policy.

·         The principal is expected to meet the professional standards for principals.

Development Objective

Assistance and Support

·         Enhance knowledge, understanding and commitment to school wide assessment data collation in particular etap and e-astle in order to direct resourcing, professional development and classroom programmes in an effective manner.

·         Utilise the support within ICT Cluster and AREA Principals group

·         Robb Webb, eTap consultant

·         Diane Henderson ICT Cluster Facilitator

·         Attend local courses offered to support objective

·         Sue Smith University of Auckland

Professional Standards for Principals

·         Fiona McGrath will facilitate and report on the appraisal of the principal’s performance against the Professional Standards for Principals.


·         Self-Review: to be discussed and confirmed with Appraiser

·         Review with Chairperson and Consultant: as above

·         Appraisal against Principal Professional Standards: as above

·         Board Report, Annual Performance Agreement 2011-2012: as above




Chicky Rudkin

Board Chairperson
Mary Davis

Fiona McGrath


[1] For legal requirements see “Official notice for the promulgation of professional standards for principals” in New Zealand Education Gazette, 8/2/99 (http://www.ero.govt.nz/handbks/schools/e1.htm).