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1006 Senior Syndicate - 15 June 2010

June 2010

Prepared by Robin Taua-Gordon

Curriculum Report – “Senior Syndicate”

Programmes, Curriculum and Learning

  • Once again we have an awesome senior syndicate team this year.  This includes staff and students.  Our main focus for term one was being ‘Proud, Prepared Learners’ in lines with our school mission statement.  This was a great way for teachers and students to learn more about each other.  Term One was also an opportunity for teachers to meet whanau, whether at the R13 and 14 overnight camp or at the terms parent/teacher meetings.  
  • We are making great strides in the area of Health and Physical Well-being - Rooms 13 and 14 are developing whanau gardens, each class has a ‘PE gear bag’ and in the space of nearly 2 terms we have become Sunsmart accredited, have the school gardens planned and underway and have received a Silver Heart award.  The senior syndicate have been involved in the following eotc opportunities: interschool swimming sports, in-school hockey skills, a school-wide spots/tabloid sports day, Jump Rope for Heart Day and most recently a Whakapakari Tinana Challenge at Kaikohe East School.
  • Another topic that was covered by the senior syndicate this first half of the year was ‘Sunstainability’.  This topic included a visit by Sue Wood to discuss recycling at school and also sparked the conception of our ‘school recycling team,’ who visit classrooms regularly to check their kai, rubbish and paper bins.  This unit will culminate in a ‘Junk to Funk’ parade toward the end of this term.
  • ICT has been a focus across the school. There are data projectors in rooms 15 and Tumanako, which are being utilised well.  Room 16 has a virtual desktop set up which basically is 1 hard drive with 5 screens that can work independently of each other and wireless router have been put into Rooms 12, 15 and 16 to improve internet access.
  • The written and oral language focus for this term has been expositions and speeches.  The school speeches were held last week and Aroha Lawrence and Brian Johnstone will be representing our school at the RSA next Wednesday.

Professional Development and assessment
  • Literacy and numeracy continue to be a focus with the senior syndicate attending a Sheena Cameron course relating to ‘Reading Comprehension Strategies’, working together to moderate writing samples and continuing to implement strategies in our classrooms to improve basic facts and place value knowledge.
  • Robin and Graeme have attended various meetings related to ICT this year, the main one being the conference in Rotorua (which was great thanks!).  Recently Jim visited Moerewa, Kaikohe West and Ohaeawai to observe mimios and active boards in action.  
  • Linda attended a Run, Jump Throw workshop held at our school and Sarah is continuing to go to HPS meetings.

Looking at the year ahead

  • Still to come this term is a ‘Food for Thought’ visit and the starting of whole school kapa haka.
  • The main focus for next term will obviously be our senior syndicate camp.  We are going to MERC (Marine Education and Recreation Centre) at Long Bay.  Our confirmed dates are Sunday 5th – Wednesday 8th of September.  More specific details to come.
  • Term 3 focus is self esteem and relationships.  Which will bereinforced before, during and after camp.  Puberty will be timetabled next term and country studies will be a introduction to the Commonwealth games in October.  

Syndicate Organisation

Class Kaiako Level No of chn

  • Tumanako Robin Taua-Gordon Y4 – Y6   20
  • Room 12 Jim Shortland Y6   23
  • Room 14 Linda Curry Y4 – Y6   23
  • Room 15 Graeme Shaw Y4 – Y6   18
  • Room 16 Sarah Morgan Y5 – Y6   17