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2105 School House - 17 May 2021

17 May 2021

School House Report

The school house is located at 22 Purdy Street, Kaikohe.  It was vacated in January 2021 and quotes sought for upgrade following many issues.

Maintenance completed since the last report is as follows:

  • The Heat pump was serviced in November 2020 and will remain on our classroom service programme

  • Healthy Homes have secured under floor insulation and now comply with the Tenancy requirements.

Following a final inspection of the house following its most recent vacation the following has been quoted for and work is currently underway and includes

Work to be completed

  • Gutting of bathroom, new shower unit, wall linings, flooring installed

  • Removal of hot water cylinder to remedy rotting wall and floor boards

  • Gutting of kitchen, hopefully retain sink unit.  Most of the kitchen cupboards and wall linings had borer and needs to be replaced.  Flooring removed and to be replaced

  • Bedroom interior rot along window frames to be replaced, wardrobes to be replaced so that they are functional.  All flooring removed and to be replaced.

  • Lounge - area of flooring where old fire place was removed and now flush with the rest of the floor, broom cupboard removed, rotting along sills to be fixed

  • Toilet - rotting areas to be replaced

Following many attempts to get building quotes we got one quote here and accepted it from Colin Cathro Builders.  The flooring and repairing of the house has not been included in this quote.  Currently awaiting quotes for this work.

There is a signed Residential Tenancy Agreement on file in the office for the property. The current rental for the property for a teacher is $200 per week.  I recommend we leave the rental for this property at $200 per week and review it at the end of each year when considering the budget for the following year.

Report completed by

Chicky Rudkin