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1805 Strategic Plan Progress Report - 16 May 2018

16 May 2018

Strategic Plan Progress Report


Progress Report - 16 May 2018

Foster te reo me nga tikanga

  • MAC - Maori Achievement Collaborative information and ideas are shared by the Principal and other staff who may attend this pd

  • BOT report – Te Reo

  • Maori / Learning Languages

  • Schoolwide Karakia / Himene daily

  • Using staff, students and community members as experts

  • Sharing of Staff pepeha

  • Annual visits to local marae at the beginning of the year

  • Use of Maori kupu/phrases to be the norm

  • Chicky attending the NATSIPA Principals Conference 2018

  • MLF for teachers who are confident in working towards and or achieving Level 3

  • Introduction of the PB4L Values - Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga, Kotahitanga

  • Using Kahui Ako experts to assist with Kapahaka

  • Annual Visit to marae occured in Term 1.

  • PB4L values continue to be used through Tanga Cards.  Junior syndicate are focussing on a value a term for there discovery programme and is followed up with individual classes during class time.

  • Chicky attended the NATSIPA Principals Conference 2018

  • Our overarching learning focus each term is one of the four PB4L values. All learning is related to the value and the value is taught explicitly.

Deliver the curriculum through stimulating, challenging, learner focused and enjoyable programmes

  • Continue to investigate and develop ideas and programmes gained from previous pd :  inquiry, literacy and numeracy

  • Continue to seek other pd opportunities that will target needs such as oral language development

  • Continue EOTC and Professional Development budget so that classes/staff can visit places of interest and increase knowledge, gather further ideas

  • Continue to be involved in Triathlon events, camps

  • ICT programmes will be sourced for reading, writing and numeracy.

  • Clubs such as gardening club, kapa haka, unicycling, music club and choir will be run

  • Swimsafe programmes will be actioned by Support staff member Mrs Stillwell

  • Walkthroughs will identify areas where teachers can make their programmes more exciting

  • Opportunity for sharing of exciting programmes to encourage others to replicate or trial

  • Sharing expertise, ideas, pd  via Te Arahura Kahui Ako

  • Junior Discovery once a week with an emphasis on Key Competencies

  • Swimsafe programmes was actioned by Support staff member Mrs Stillwell

  • Focus this year for junior syndicate is Learning through play.  Junior team visiting other schools for PD and looking at different strategies and ways we can implement this into our classes.

  • Marae stay in Term 1 variable success for classes

  • Children continue to create menu from school garden

  • New planting occurs

  • Duffy show, butterfly lady

  • Whanau Fun Day was a huge success

  • Dress up day was a huge success

  • Dancing has started with Aki

  • Saturday sport has commenced

  • Triathlon was great

  • Leadership conference

  • Mau Rakau/The Mill/League skills/Building projects for Poutama

  • Walkthroughs are demonstrating the success of Poutama

  • School wide topics around tanga values

  • Chill out room

  • Problem Solving underway

Increased use of Information Communication Technology

  • The school will keep up to date with developments in ICT as our budget allows.

  • Effective, appropriate resources will be purchased to support all classroom programmes

  • ICT Unit holders will be responsible for ensuring staff queries re apps etc are continued and actioned

  • Syndicate Leaders will agenda as appropriate to share/discuss/action any ICT opportunities

  • Era IT regularly here

  • Most classes using Epic reading app

  • Shared apps/websites that are relevant

  • Powerpoint slide has been created to use (Te Reo Maori)

  • ICT Regular meeting agenda item

Ensure the school is staffed and resourced to achieve student’s academic potential

  • Staffing of classes is appropriate to need

  • Resourcing is purchased adequately and appropriately to need

  • Senior Leaders are aware of individual Syndicate classroom levels so that staffing and resourcing is being used well and appropriately

  • Planning and programmes will be shared with Syndicate Leaders regularly and shared as appropriate with other team/ staff members

  • Poutama class development  

  • Teacher Aide in every class

  • Poutama has more support

  • Planning is shared

  • New resources purchased as appropriate

Ensure quality professional development is provided to support needs

  • Sufficient budgeted for teaching staff development and support staff development.

  • PD identified through walkthroughs 2017 goals, nation-wide initiatives and appraisal meetings

  • Schoolwide / Syndicate assessment information informs decisions regarding PD

  • Teachers attend PD appropriately, to support identified needs

  • Inquiry planning is underway and is being shared

  • Dianne Ogle/Ali Robinson are supporting teachers with Numeracy programme development

  • Syndicate meetings are targeted particular needs regularly and sharing best practise

  • Attend Te Arahura Huihuinga Friday 11th May

Foster the partnership between the school and the wider community

  • Te Arahura Kahui Ako

  • Hangi (23 March)

  • Whanau Hui

  • Kaikohe Business Association

  • Ukulele lessons

  • Dance lessons

  • Takiwa Hui

  • Rotary presentations and attendance

  • School Garden to table

  • Northtec using school garden area for courses

  • Facebook page

  • New World support and sponsorship

  • Parent involvement encouraged around:

    • Sports

    • Class support

    • Camps

    • Fund raising

    • Whanau Survey

    • Rotary Speech Competition

    • Weetbix Tryathlon

    • Clubs programme

  • Te Arahura goals are in the school charter, Numeracy is a current school focus

  • Term 1 Whānau hui a great success

  • Generally positive responses to the Term 1 Whānau Survey