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1508 Annual Goal Two Progress Report - 5 August 2015

5 August 2015

Annual Goal Two - Progress Report

To improve the reading level in the first two years of school.


6 out of 9 pupils (66%) who will turn 6 in the first half of this year look unlikely to be reading at level 5 at the end of their first year at school. 6 out of 17 (35%) are still below PM Level 8 at the end of their second year at school.

Measurable Targets

60% of children will achieve at stanine 4 or better in the HRSIW/letter id/word/cap section of the observational survey taken as close as practical to their 6th birthday.

Actions (what we will do)

Progress as at 5 August

Outcomes (what we expect to happen)

  • Children will be assessed at 4-6 weeks

  • Some children have been assessed and are still entering school at very low literacy levels which means we are always playing catch up.

  • Children will have transition time before any formal assessment is completed

  • Enlist the support of Reading Recovery teacher

  • Train teachers to complete an observational survey

    • All junior teachers have attended an Observational survey PD day run by Joan.

    • 2 children have been on reading recovery with Joan.  One was not that successful and one child moved up one level.

    • Teachers will have a shared understanding and better knowledge of the Observation Survey

    • Teachers will be able to define next steps more accurately

    • Teachers will have more idea about their learner and will see their gaps and next learning

    • The children will have firm foundations in early literacy learning.

  • Re-assess children at 20 weeks

    • New five year olds will be done when they have been at school for six months and the ones that are coming up six months will be tested.

    • There will be improvement