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1505 Strategic Plan Progress Report - 27 May 2015

27 May 2015

Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategies 2015-2017


May 2015 Progress

Foster te reo me nga tikanga

  • Philosophy  of Ka Hikitia becomes integral to the school culture.

  • Te Aho Arataki Marau ki te Kura Aoraki used in bilingual classes

  • Staff meeting opportunity

  • BOT report – Te Reo Maori / Learning Languages

  • Schoolwide Karakia / Himene daily

  • Using staff as experts

  • Staff pd - Te Ara Reo Maori and Te Ataarangi

  • Sharing of Staff pepeha

  • Need to do more work on Ka Hikitia document

  • Few staff meeting opportunities

  • BOT reports have occurred and indicate some teachers are making an effort to include Te Reo Maori and tikanga in their classroom programmes, others need to do so.

  • Schoolwide Karakia  and himene are happening

  • Interested staff are activating expert help

  • Te Ataarangi has been offered locally but not taken up by staff, would be a great pd opportunity for 2016 perhaps

  • Staff have pepeha and most have been shared on class letters

Deliver the curriculum through stimulating, challenging, learner focused and enjoyable programmes

  • The theme of school programmes will be revised.

  • The inquiry / child-centred approach will become an integral part of teaching programmes

  • Continue to seek, investigate and develop ideas and programmes gained from Reggio Emilio professional development opportunities

  • Big Ideas are discussed at staff meetings to allow teachers to follow children’s interests

  • The Literacy PLD is developing the inquiry cycle and is transferable to all curriculum areas, we are also focussing and re focussing on a child centred approach and trying to remember that often a child has a direction of learning/writing that we as teachers need to encourage

  • The momentum and ideas we gathered from the Reggio approach may have lapsed slightly in a few classrooms, we may need to revisit this as a staff

Increased use of Information Communication Technology

  • The school will keep up to date with developments in ICT as our budget allows.

  • Effective, appropriate resources will be purchased to support all classroom programmes

  • SNUP will be complete

  • SNUP is complete

  • Resources are purchased generally once they have been trialled and or recommended by others

  • We will need to consider how ICT is increased with a view to the MOE notification re by 2017 all testing for Year 9 students will be completed online and on a device

Ensure the school is staffed and resourced to achieve student’s academic potential

  • Principal will seek funding applications expected to result in extra income to be spent on resources

  • Budget of approx $70k is used for curriculum purchases.

  • We have accessed a lot of extra funding to support vulnerable and needy children, most of this funding is spent on employing Teacher Aides to support these children in their classrooms

  • Our staff work very hard to enhance and achieve each child’s academic potential

  • We are continually reflecting and refining what we do in order to support and achieve academic potential of all.

Ensure quality professional development is provided to support needs

  • Sufficient budgeted for teaching staff development and support staff development.

  • PD identified through walkthroughs/ practice analysis, 2014 school goals, nation-wide initiatives and appraisal meetings.

  • Recent visits to Christchurch confirmed the great work that has begun and is developing in many rooms

  • The majority of PLD this year is related to Writing as per our goal

  • The PLD is ensuring that our sustainability and capacity is being enhanced.

Foster the partnership between the school and the wider community

  • Whanau Hui

  • Kaikohe Business Association

  • Takiwa Hui

  • Rotary

  • School garden

  • Northtec

  • Facebook page

  • New World

  • Parent involvement encouraged around:

    • Sports

    • Class support

    • Camps

    • Fundraising

    • Whanau Survey

    • Reading Together

    • Term 2 Clubs programme

  • The draft graduate profile has given whanau the opportunity to provide us with important feedback

  • The regularity of our school newsletter continues to keep our whanau well informed

  • We continue to support local business and the local community as often and appropriately as possible

  • Our school facebook page is regularly updated and “liked” by many

  • The Term 3 clubs programme will provide another opportunity for whanau to be involved in our classroom programmes

  • We have recently secured a new Rugby League coach, we continue to have great support from and by whanau with Hockey and Netball.

  • We are lucky enough to have continued Player of the Day support from Kaikohe McDonalds

  • We had a most successful Senior Camp at the end of Term 1 with possible a record turnout of whanau

  • Reading together may be a Term 3 or 4 venture, it hasn’t had the success as yet we had hoped for