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1409 Strategic Focus Progress Report - 24 September 2014

24 September 2014

Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategies 2014-2016


4 June 2014 Progress

24 September 2014 Progress

Foster te reo me nga tikanga

  • Continue implementation philosophy of Ka Hikitia

  • Most staff take on Piki  nga reo  or Manawa Pou

  • Implement Te Aho Arataki Marau ki te Kura Aoraki

  • Staff meeting opportunity

  • Philosophy for Te Korowai o te Aroha  continues to be developed and spread to other classes

  • Chicky involved in Maori Achievement Collaborative

  • Staff have been surveyed re their current position with regards to Maori Knowledge on a personal and professional level

  • Hui a Kura continues to give us all opportunity to experience tikanga

  • We have discussed as a staff the need to pronounce names correctly, Stevie and TKOTA are taking up this challenge at staff meetings this term and for the end of the year

  • MAC hasn’t been as successful as anticipated, Chicky has attended only one meeting and it wasn’t very helpful

  • Staff have noticeably been trying hard with their own knowledge, teachers are supporting each other and accepting help

  • Morning Karakia is authentic and a good way of learning tikanga

  • Stevie has introduced a “kupu” of the week

  • Three staff have indicated a willingness to attend Te Ataarangi course starting at Kaikohe Intermediate on 16th October.

Deliver the curriculum through stimulating, challenging, learner focused and enjoyable programmes

  • A travel budget of around $20k set aside so all classes can go on trips and visits

  • School will enter into exciting programmes and events e.g. Tryathlon, LEARNZ, camps

  • The inquiry approach revisited

  • ICT programmes will be sourced for reading, writing and numeracy.

  • Clubs such as gardening club, kapa haka, unicycling, music club and choir will be run

  • Walkthroughs will identify areas where teachers can make their programmes more exciting

  • Opportunity for sharing of exciting programmes to encourage others to replicate or trial

  • Continue to investigate and develop ideas and programmes gained from Reggio Emilio professional development opportunities

  • Camp for Room 1 and 4 to Matauri Bay has provided the children with some exciting memorable experiences and learning opportunities

  • School team entered and participated in the Tryathalon in Onerahi in Term 1

  • Staff have visited Tautoro school to see Chromebooks in action, Chicky to attend Literacy course and attend Keynote speaker around this

  • More Ipads for classrooms have been purchased and pd is ongoing

  • Planning for Term 3 clubs programme will commence this term in preparation for Term 3

  • Walkthroughs have occurred and teachers have been provided with feedback, Written Language observations by Auckland University facilitators to happen this term, teachers from Bromley School also observing next fortnight  and providing teachers with feedback and feedforward for future enhancement of classroom programmes

  • Teachers are using and have been asked to utilise their Classroom release days to view what is happening in our own classes

  • Five staff members in Term 1 attended a Reggio inspired Workshop and visited St Cuthberts School to see the approach in action, talk to staff and gain more understanding about the approach

  • Two teachers attended the Reggio Conference in Melbourne during the holidays and are planning to share their learning with all staff this term.

  • A two day PD is planned for Week 3, Rebecca and Jo (teachers from Bromley School) will visit our classrooms, share ideas and answer questions we have in terms of the Reggio approach to learning.

  • Room 5 and 6 visited

  • Room 4 and 14 visited the Pioneer Village as part of their Change Unit of work, some very worthwhile written language developed as a result

  • Another chromebook provided has emailed this week, Stevie is checking out whether any staff in the Senior area are interested in trialling them

  • Use of ipads varies from class to class but certainly are a tool that the children love to use for their learning

  • Term 3 clubs has been successful, we had a good variety of clubs , it will be interesting to get feedback from the children at the end of the term

  • Walkthroughs have occurred for Written Language and Maths for all teachers now, teachers have been provided with written feedback

  • Literacy Lead teachers set the scene by videoing themselves teaching Written Language and sharing their reflection with Auckland University facilitators and myself, they have set all staff the challenge of videoing and reflecting a lesson they teach

  • About 12 staff including support staff attended a Reggio Seminar in Kerikeri recently, it reiterated some great ideas and philosophies that this approach supports/teaches

  • All teachers and classroom teacher aides have planned a two day visit to Christchurch at the beginning of Term 4 to see Reggio in action in classrooms at Bromley School and /?? One group of staff will go one week while the others remain and double up classes, the following week the second group will go and classes will be doubled up again

  • Elaine organised a great Library Support Staff day here whereby teacher aides/librarians came and learnt/shared ideas about how to make a school library a success.

  • Stevie was invited to present a workshop around e-learning at a seminar held at Te Kura Kaupapa o Kaikohe, teachers and staff from other schools attended, she came away feeling positive about what we are able to achieve in terms of e-learning here

Increased use of Information Communication Technology

  • School budget to provide each class with

  • A set of laptops or desktops

  • Apple TV’s will be installed

  • Listening posts

  • Cameras and/or ipads

  • Useful peripherals that might be shared between classes e.g. digital microscope, visualiser.

  • Individual ICT goals will be negotiated as appropriate with each teacher and PD will be provided.

  • Effective digital resources will be researched and provided to support literacy and numeracy programmes.

  • All teachers have a laptop and 3 ipads at least to use during class time

  • All classes have and use their apple tvs

  • Curriculum teams are always seeking resources that are effective digital resources that will enhance learning and switch the children onto new and practise their learning.

  • Visualisers are being used in Room 1’s Literacy programme

  • We have a teacher with specific  ICT responsibility who actively seeks and promotes resources for classroom learning etc

  • ICT Purchases have been completed for 2014

  • Stevie and Chicky recently visited Tautoro School to see their Chromebooks in action, later in the year we are hoping to attend a presentation by all schools using Chromebooks to identify and discuss how they are enhancing learning and progress of children in classrooms and whether they are making a difference

  • Visualisers are also being used in other classrooms

  • Stevie continues to work with individual staff as they request support and help with programmes

Ensure the school is staffed and resourced to achieve student’s academic potential

  • Staff member given the responsibility of funding applications expected to result in extra income to be spent on resources

  • Budget of approx $30k is used for curriculum purchases.

  • Curriculum responsibilities shared around teachers to ensure resource needs are appropriate and shared. Teachers also allocated to a particular Curriculum Team

  • Curriculum resources continue to be spent on appropriate to needs of our children

  • Curriculum teams meet at least once a term to complete specific curriculum team tasks as appropriate and necessary

  • Literacy resources have been appropriately reorganised and purchases made to ensure  we have what we need, this will need to continue into 2015 and beyond to ensure we have sufficient titles and appropriate resources

  • Extra teacher aide hours have been necessary in some rooms as their numbers grow or to  ensure that individual needs are being met more specifically.

Ensure quality professional development is provided to support needs

  • Sufficient budgeted for teaching staff development and support staff development.

  • PD identified through walkthroughs 2014 goals, nation-wide initiatives and appraisal meetings.

  • Pd in Literacy has commenced and Numeracy pd continues

  • Two teachers have attend pd in Melbourne, Reggio conference

  • Five teachers attended Reggio pd in Auckland

  • Teachers continue to be encouraged to visit other classes to see the great work that is being done in our own school before venturing off to other schools

  • Teachers from local schools have visited us to see classroom programmes in action

  • 17 Staff  attended a recent seminar in Kerikeri around The Reggio Emilia Approach

  • Early Term 4 we have planned two trips to Bromley School and  Rolleston Primary to see  the Reggio inspired  learning approach in action

  • End of year appraisal meetings with staff will commence in Term 4 and goals for 2015 discussed

  • A final writing walkthrough will happen in Term 4 by Literacy Leaders who have been working with Literacy PLD Facilitators to identify school wide needs in terms of Literacy for 2015

  • Support staff pd organised by Kaz

Foster the partnership between the school and the wider community

  • Gala Day

  • Whanau Hui

  • Parent involvement encouraged around:

    • Sports

    • Class support

    • Camps

    • Fund raising

    • Whanau Survey

  • The Whanau Hui and Gala day events were held, Gala very well attended, Whanau Hui day had less whanau attend than anticipated

  • Rooms 1 and 4 camp attracted lots of interest, attendance and involvement by whanau,a very good way of establishing new teacher/whanau relationships

  • We continue to have a few whanau come in the support their child/children in class programmes

  • Whanau Hui has been planned for Thursday 18th September, whanau are invited to come and see their child’s class, look at their Literacy/Numeracy progress graphs produced from etap and talk about progress etc with teachers.

  • The School Cross Country was well attended by whanau

  • Reading together participation has been regular and 100% better involvement than last time.

  • The Principal and other staff during the season have attended rugby , netball and hockey games to show our children support and encouragement

  • Senior Staff have discussed as part of their appraisal ways of engaging better and why it is important to engage with whanau

  • The school has been actively involved in all sporting events held locally eg: Northland College students /rugby league, golf programme, hockey tournament in Whangarei

  • Northland College staff have been visiting our classrooms over the past term to gain an understanding of what goes on at Primary level.