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1205 Strategic Goal - Attendance - Progress Report - 8 May 2012

Focus:              Attendance

Strategic Aim:  To create a community of Maori pupils fully engaged in education.

Annual Aim for 2012To improve the percentage of pupils attending school.


·       There is a direct relationship between attendance and achievement.

·       Our 2011 figures showed we had an absence rate of over 17%. This means that on a normal day we have 39 pupils absent. The Ministry, however, had a much lower figure of 72%. We think this came from inaccurate roll marking.



Mid year review

MeasurableTarget. To finish 2012 with a whole-school attendance rate of 85% or better.

Term 1 attendance figures show attendance rate of 83.5%. While this is only slightly below our goal, we need to remember that term 1 is usually our best for attendance. Last year’s term2 figure was only 82% so we will need to cut absenteeism even further to reach our target.



Actions (what we will do)

What we have done

Outcomes (what we expect to happen)

What has happened

Ensure the electronic attendance registers are marked with 100% regularity by

·       Having someone check on e.tap each morning and afternoon and send a reminder if the roll is not marked.

·       Ensure rolls are marked when relievers are employed.

·       Organise a system to cover trips, camps etc

·       Each morning and afternoon either Kohi or Graeme check to see who has and who hasn’t marked the roll. A message is sent to the class.

·       Relievers send in a paper roll and it is transferred to eTap by Kohi

·       We haven’t had any overnight trips yet.

100% accuracy in electronic roll marking.

·       It is now rare for a class to be unmarked in the morning although most afternoons we pick up one or two classes

·       The end of term summary report showed no unmarked rolls at the end of term.

More interesting programmes

·       Advertise events such as: Breakfast in schools, lunchtime sports programmes and music club.

·       Share the exciting things that are happening in classrooms via the school newsletter and on the school website.

·       Parents have been informed of breakfast club, gardening club, music club.

·       The school is paying the fees for children wishing to play Saturday hockey or netball.

·       Our school has appeared in the local paper at least three times this term for projects of interest. (gardening, milk in schools and tryathalon)

Children will attend school more often because they are aware of programmes being offered

Whanau will be kept informed of these programmes and volunteer to come and help

·       Attendance has improved over term 1 2011.

·       Parents have volunteered to help out with sports teams and sports related activities by coaching, supervising or transporting.

Whanau  feeling welcome and becoming involved

·       Letting whanau know about justified and unjustified reasons for not attending school

·       Provide food, raincoats and shoes for whanau

·       Provide a warm comfortable school environment

·       Breakfast of Weetbix and warm milk is provided 5 days a week from 8:15 until 8:45.

·       Raincoats have been provided to pupils who didn’t get one last year.

·       Feet have been measured and shoes ordered for a selected group of children.

Children will come to school in the wet, the cold and when they are hungry

·       On most mornings about 15 pupils have breakfast. (more if it is cold and raining).

·       Plans are in place to also provide hot Milo in the winter terms.

·       Of the ten children who have breakfast most regularly, all but 2 have attendance rates of over 90% with one on 100%.

·       All “breakfast” children except for one have less absenteeism than in 2011

·       Our best results  include “breakfast” pupils whose absenteeism has moved from:

o   12% to 0%

o   17% to 7%

o   18% to 5%

o   14% to 2%

By 10 every morning the administration officer will phone whanau of children who are away.

Principal to follow up recidivist whanau and utilise Social Worker in Schools if appropriate

Kohi phones parents of pupils who are absent as early as possible. Usually by 10:30

Whanau who have a history of poor attendance will start sending their children to school

Whanau will feel supported by the SWIS


We now contact Ngapuhi Iwi Social Services when we have truancy concerns as they have the contract.

6 families referred to date.

The system of awarding purple cards each week to pupils who have attended every day will continue. 6 pupils have their cards drawn from the box at assembly and receive a Duffy book.

Children with 99-100% attendance over a term will be acknowledged through the end of term assembly and the school newsletter.

·       Purple cards continue to be drawn from the box at assembly.

·       100% attendees were acknowledged through the school newsletter and at the final assembly.

Pupils who attend regularly will be acknowledged and held up as role models.

·       As not all teachers remember to put the cards in, it might be better to create a list through eTap although it would be time consuming for one person to write out the purple cards.

·       20 pupils had 100% attendance in term 1.