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1108 Strategic Goal 2 - Numeracy - 9 August 2011

Numeracy Goals Report

August 2011

The Year to Date

Expectations have been set at each year level using the levels – and stages within these levels - in the numeracy curriculum. These levels are our school expectations and do not necessarily equate to National Standards. These levels are the ones reported to Parents and Caregivers. The numeracy team are also looking at ways to include basic facts and place value and develop data across the school that reflects these results.

Basic fact data has been entered on Etap for term one and two and as we test each term across the school this data will be added, so that next year we will be able to compare results and see if the programmes we are providing are making a difference. We will then be able to analyse the data and target areas of weakness.

At present we are working with Etap to enable us to enter Place value data too. With the place value tests the next step is to look at each individual question, graph how many each child got right, so we can look at areas of problem and the strategies which need revisiting.