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2009 Operations Policy Review Report - Personnel - 14 September 2020

Personnel Policy

  • The Kaikohe East Board's Personnel Policy is part of the board's Operations Policy and is published on the school website.

  • It is restated here for board members' convenience:


The board delegates responsibility to the principal all matters relating to the management of staff. Therefore the principal may not fail to:

  • Ensure that personnel policies and procedures comply with current employment legislation
  • Ensure that staff are managed in a sound, fair, and respectful manner in accordance with the terms of their current employment agreements
  • Ensure that all employees’ rights to personal dignity, safety and access to an approved and fair internal grievance process are maintained
  • Take reasonable steps to protect staff from unsafe or unhealthy working conditions
  • Ensure that all required staff are registered or have a current Limited Authority to Teach
  • Ensure that all staff have an annual performance appraisal
  • Provide a smoke free environment
  • Provide Protective Disclosure protection

Principal's Interpretation

  • My interpretation of the board's requirements in this area is that the board wants to be assured that it is acting as a good employer and meeting all its obligations to its employees.

Data to Verify that the Policy Interpretation is Being Fulfilled

  • The Personnel section of the online staff handbook contains procedures that are developed in consultation with staff to ensure that the board's requirements are met.

  • All staff were given the opportunity to respond to a survey of their perceptions of whether or not the principal is meeting the requirements of the policy.


Link to Summary of Survey Results



  • Annual performance appraisals are no longer required by the Teachers’ Council.


  • Survey results suggest that the board's requirements are being met.

  • Consideration should be given to removing this clause from the policy statement: “Ensure that all staff have an annual performance appraisal”.



Chicky Rudkin