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2106 Legal Responsibilities Policy Review - 28 June 2021

Section of Operations Policy Being Reviewed

Legal Responsibilities

The principal will not fail to ensure that:

  • School procedures meet the legislative statutes and regulations as set down in the appropriate Acts, Ministry of Education circulars and the Education Gazette

  • The school is required to meet many legislative statutes and regulations.

  • The Education Review Office Board Assurance Statement brings the requirements together in their questionnaire. This provides a useful basis for the review of this section of the Operations Policy..

Compliance Area



Board Administration

Fully Compliant except:

Question 22 - Compliance with the Public Records Act 2005. Section 2 of the Public Records Act 2005 requires the school to send some archived records to Archives New Zealand after 25 Years.



Fully Compliant


Health, Safety and Welfare

Fully Compliant



Not Compliant

Appraisal requirements for teachers have changed, with effect from 21 January 2021. Kaikohe East School's online staff handbook and procedures need to be updated to reflect this change.

Appraisal requirements for the principal are also changing but details have yet to be confirmed



Fully Compliant



Fully Compliant


  • There is a group of procedures, some of which cover legal responsibilities, in the online staff handbook that are not reviewed as part of the regular cycle of other reports such as Personnel, Health and Safety and  Finance and Assets. 


  1. Consider arranging for someone to sort through archives and send records to Archives New Zealand as required.

  2. That the board secretary updates the appraisal section of the online staff handbook to reflect the new requirements.

  3. That the board secretary compiles a staff questionnaire to review the Procedures section of the online staff handbook in conjunction with the regular Legal Responsibilities board report.