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1812 Legal Responsibilities Policy Review - 5 December 2018

Section of Operations Policy Being Reviewed

Legal Responsibilities

The principal will not fail to ensure that:

  • School procedures meet the legislative statutes and regulations as set down in the appropriate Acts, Ministry of Education circulars and the Education Gazette

  • The detailed Board Assurance Statement and Self Audit Checklist was completed for the Education Review Office Review in June 2018.

    • The school was found to be complying with all of it's legal responsibilities.

  • The Fire Evacuation Plan and reporting procedure has been updated to reflect new requirements from Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

    • A Trial Evacuation was carried out on 5 November 2018.

The Evacuation Report noted two areas of concern.

  1. Some of the Fire Action Notices were not in the new format:

    • Don has had another look at the notices - the current notices are not in the new format, but they meet the requirements and were approved by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

  2. 6 monthly trial evacuation dates and 6 monthly staff Health and Safety reviews (including review of evacuation procedure) need to be better coordinated.

    • Now that Fire and Emergency New Zealand send out six monthly reminders for Trial Evacuations in May and November the Health and Safety procedure has been amended so that the staff review of Health and Safety procedure (which includes Evacuation Procedure) takes place in May and November before the trial evacuation.