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1711 Legal Responsibilities Update - 1 November 2017

Section of Operations Policy Being Reviewed

This is an update on areas of non-compliance noted in the 20 September report.

Compliance Area

Notes 20 September

Update 1 November


Health, Safety and Welfare

New behaviour management requirements have recently been published regarding physical restraint.

New procedures have yet  to be developed to meet these requirements.

New food safety laws may apply to our school lunches scheme.

This needs to be checked.

Staff have had professional development on the new requirements and procedures have been developed to meet the requirements.

As school lunches are prepared at the Teen Parent Unit they are checking the food safety  requirements.



The school’s approved (1996) Evacuation Scheme is currently being reviewed and an updated scheme will be submitted the the Area Chief Fire Officer

An Evacuation Practice was held on 3 August.

A new evacuation scheme application has been submitted to the Fire Service. We await their response.