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1106 Health and Safety Update

A comprehensive Health and Safety review was completed and reported to the 29 March board meeting.

At that meeting it was resolved that a update on the "Summary of Further Action" would be presented to the June 2011 board meeting.

Summary of Further Action (from March Report)

  1. Follow up the staff review of Health and Safety Procedures and make appropriate changes to the on-line Staff Handbook.
        The "Behaviour Management", "Traumatic Incidents" and "Child Abuse" sections of the on-line staff handbook have been updated. A review of procedures that arise from the Ministry's Health and Safety Code of Practice is still being worked on.

  2. Put up new Smokefreee notices.

  3. Review the Risk Analysis process for school trips.
        Further work needed.

  4. Review the Health Programme Consultation process.
        Further work needed.

  • A further update on these four items will be presented to the September board meeting.