1305 Budget Amendment - 28 May 2013

On page 3 of the 30 April Financial Statement it notes a number of items of expenditure that had not been budgeted for.

This was an oversight in the budgeting process.

Therefore, the following new budget amounts are recommended:

 2450 Security $4,000To cover the cost of A1 Security Services - Alarm monitoring and call-outs
 3308 Junior ORRS Resources $3,000Resources for Special Needs programmes

 4912 Extra Curricular Activities $4,000Duffy books and supporting other extra curricular activities
 4915 Hockey $1,600Kiwisport fund will be used to pay for any children wishing to play in a School or Club Saturday sport team
 4917 Netball $390


With these changes we have a budgeted cash surplus at December 2013 of $365,123