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1912 Health Programme Consultation - 2 December 2019

2 December 2019

School Procedure

Health Programme Consultation

  • Link to legislation.

  • In term three of each year a questionnaire will be sent to parents regarding:

    • The Health Education needs of the students.

    • The broad goals of Health Education at the school.

    • The desirable treatment of the health syllabus.

  • The nature and results of this questionnaire will be reported to the board of trustees in December along with an outline of Health topics to be taught in the following year.

Consultation 2020

  • Suggested health topics for 2020 were published in the school newsletters of 20 November and 27 November. Parents, caregivers and community members were invited to comment.

  • No responses were received.

Health Topics for 2020

Term 1 Whānaungatanga : Who am I?

  • Relationships with other people

Term 2 Manaakitanga : How we provide for others?

  • Personal health, wellbeing and food safety

Term 3 Kotahitanga : Who is looking after me? 

  • Personal growth and safety

Term 4 Rangatiratanga : How do we work together?

  • Personal growth and identity