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1712 Curriculum Delivery Policy Review - 6 December 2017

Delivery of the curriculum shall foster student achievement. Therefore the principal may not fail to:

  • Ensure opportunities for success in all essential learning areas and skill areas of the New Zealand Curriculum

    • The primary focus this year has been in Literacy, teachers have developed cycles of inquiry that have been focussed on specific assessment and teaching small groups of children for writing daily.

    • All teachers have selected either a Writing or Maths “target group” this may have involved developing an inquiry plan around the children in this group, teaching them intensively daily with no interruption from others

    • Kelli Witana has been responsible for intensive small group Maths teaching daily.  These groups carefully selected and tracked to ensure progress and deliberate acts of teaching that are relative and inclusive.

    • The introduction of Discovery for Juniors, Splore for Middle classes and Passion Projects for Senior classes has allowed for science, art, creative, oral language learning areas to be taught

    • Many opportunities for Sport/Pe/Health have been provided throughout the year

  • Give Priority to Literacy and Numeracy

    • All teachers selected either a Writing or Maths target group to teach daily

    • Observations of teachers occurred twice per term in Writing

    • Syndicate Meetings focussed on what assessment told us and what Writing programmes looked liked in classrooms.

    • The budget reflected priority to Literacy and Numeracy

    • Reporting focussed on Literacy and Numeracy progress and next steps

    • Support for teachers is mainly planned during Literacy/Numeracy times

    • Two teachers (Ceri and Kelli) attended special professional development at least twice in Auckland to present and learn, they in turn shared new learning with other staff.

  • Report on progress and achievement of students

    • School goals were focussed on Writing, reports were collaboratively prepared

    • Two reports were prepared for whanau, reporting on progress and national standard information shared as required

    • Data was moderated at Syndicate and schoolwide vertical moderation occurred.

  • Identify students at risk of not achieving and students who are gifted and talented and implement teaching and learning strategies to address needs

    • This is a natural occurrence when we look at data as individual teachers and as a staff.

    • The data collated on etap shows these students easily, action plans to target needs are implemented into classroom programmes and planning.

    • We will continually look for opportunity to provide extension and enhancement for gifted and talented students in the classroom and beyond.

    • We make use of programmes/agencies etc to boost the results of pupils identified as not achieving

  • Consult with the Maori community about the policies/plans for improving the achievement of Maori Students

    • Weekly school newsletters and approximately two surveys are sent home as planned or appropriate

    • Parent Teacher Hui held are an opportune time to consult with and get ideas from whanau who attend

    • Graduate Profile sharing

    • Mid Year reports home in July and end of year reports  in December

    • School Facebook page updated regularly

Chicky Rudkin

6 December 2017