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1612 Health and Physical Education - 7 December 2013

7 December 2016

Curriculum Report – Health and Physical Education

Focus: Vision

  • Our vision is to get more students involved in sports and health initiatives.

  • To have more parent input and involvement in what and how sports and health initiatives are run in our kura. To have our staff including more health and physical education in their programmes.

  • To build relationships with community, schools and other organisations to create more interschool tournaments and in school training sessions.


Term 1

  • Swimming: Swim for Life

  • Triathlon

  • Bikes

  • Ki-O-Rahi Tournament

  • KES swimming sports day

  • Inter-school swimming sports

  • Project Energize:(on going)

  • Hockey:  Brad Pitman

  • Hockey Festival

  • Y3 + 4 Rippa Rugby sessions -Paul Hope (on going)

  • Kick Start Breakfast (on going)

  • Kids Can : jackets,shoes,tissues,nit lotion,nit combs,hand sanitiser (on going)

  • Fruit in Schools (on going)

  • Bread in schools(on going)

  • Milk in schools (on going)

Term 2  

  • Hockey: Weekend x 2 teams

  • Fire Brigade: soccer, league, rippa, netball

  • League: Thursdays x 1 team

  • Netball: Weekends x 2 teams

  • Waste Wise: zero waste

Term 3

  • Kaikohe East School Cross Country

  • Ohaeawai Cross country

  • Kapa haka: Cultural Festival x 3 groups

Term 4

  • Waimate North show Kapa Haka

  • KES athletics day

  • Inter-school athletics

  • TBall

  • Slow Pitch

  • Touch Rugby

  • Sports Prizegiving

Assessment Procedures

  • We look back at previous years and compare numbers of student involvement in weekend sports. We have had just over 100 kids who have represented our school this year in 1 or more event.

  • We look back at previous years and compare number of sports and health initiatives opportunities have been taken.

  • We look back at the number of children attending breakfast club. This number has grown since we have had Whaea Ani Milner, Whaea Sophie and Whaea Lois helping with breakfast club everyday.

Trend Analysis

  • The results show that this year we have been very much involved with anything and everything that has been available to us in our area. More parents are offering their support for coaching and breakfast club. More kids are getting involved in sports throughout the seasons.

Students and Groups of Students at risk

  • Those kids who are not attending breakfast club regularly.

  • Kids who live out of town and can’t make it to practices or games after school hours.

Teaching and learning strategies to address the above

  • Regular promotion of breakfast club. Getting kids inside early before school is something that has to be actioned.

  • Getting in touch with parents of the kids who are keen but can’t come into town and working out places for them to stay on these nights.

Looking Ahead

  • We will continue to get coaches in from Sport Northland to promote Physical education.  A push will be given towards the teaching of Physical Education in our school and getting teachers on Board.  

  • The bikes and track need to be developed more and become a regular part of Physical activity for our students. Gear needs to be looked after better. Breakfast club needs to be promoted more. Milk folding needs to be done properly. Get more teachers involved in taking sports at lunchtimes and after school. Create more opportunities for InterSchool sports.

Kelli Witana and Lydia Cooper

Sports Coordinators