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1508 Mathematics - 5 August 2015

Curriculum Report - Numeracy - August 2015


  • To create a community of learners with high academic achievement in mathematics

  • To create a community of  Maori learners with high academic achievement in mathematics


  • To move children who are well below to below and children who are below to at in numeracy.


  • Walk throughs and appraisals completed for 2014. Math lead teacher day each term with Donna for PD and feedback to staff. There has been an ongoing improvement in planning and implementing the numeracy curriculum. The other strands- Measurement, Geometry, Algebra are planned and taught throughout the year and outcomes recorded in planning and assessment to ensure that all strands of the numeracy curriculum are covered.

  • The Numeracy block is 11.30 – 1pm to allow for a longer time for Numeracy in the classroom and adequate time for covering other strands in Numeracy.

  • With the implementation of the Reggio philosophy some classes are more flexible in their timetabling and maths activities are also included as station activities.

Assessment Procedures

  • JAM and GLOSS – JAM for years 1-3 and GLOSS for years 4-6 as per our assessment timetable

  • OTJs are required for each child in Years 1-3 on their birthday, data for these are gathered from assessment results, children’s works, classroom teaching and learning.

  • Assessment team gathers data from Etap for regular discussion and feedback to staff.

  • JAM, GLOSS and Basic facts recorded on Etap

  • NUMPA also used to assess and is recorded on Etap.


Looking ahead

  • Classrooms are now using stations that support Numeracy Learning. This links in with the Reggio philosophy that is being used in our school. Encouraging teachers to look closely at their assessments, children’s needs/strengths, culture and identity. Knowing your learner so that stations are relevant and reflective of the learning that is occurring in the classroom.

  • Maths is integrated across the curriculum in the topics and will be an integral part of the senior school science programme.