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1412 Health and Physical Education - 3 December 2014

Health Curriculum Review Report

Kaikohe East continues to support health programmes.  These have contributed to creating and maintaining a Health Promoting School. Here is a breakdown of what we have successfully achieved this year.

Kick Start Breakfast

This has continued throughout the year on a daily basis. Fonterra and Sanitarium are the key sponsors in providing Weetbix and milk for students. There are approximately 15-30 students who come for Breakfast Club at school each day. The lead teacher for this curriculum area must be present from 8:15 until 8:50 to oversee breakfast and ensure safety in the kitchen. Breakfast is set out in a way that tamariki can help themselves, eat at tables and then rinse and put plates/cutlery in the dishwasher. Some senior students help during Breakfast Club, with setting up and cleaning. The whakawhanaungatanga that this type of setting creates is very beneficial to our school whanau culture.

All classes also get their own milk each day. Senior students are sent to drop these off to classes daily. Students have been instructed on how to fold the milk cartons as part of an important recycling process. These cartons are shipped to Malaysia and converted into roof tiles for state houses. Children enjoy their milk and look forward to it as part of their daily routine. We have some senior tamariki who help with emptying and relining the large recycle bins for the milk cartons.

Kaikohe New World also donate trays of eggs most weeks. This means we can have scrambled eggs once a week as a treat.


This is used every day. Stock takes and clean downs are done every end of Term. Senior classes have a roster system for cleaning the kitchen daily.

Kids Can

Kids Can provide a number of items in bulk once a term that are used for Breakfast Club and in classrooms. e.g Honey, peanut butter, baked beans, Easy Yo yogurt, fruit pottles, muesli bars and scroggin. Bread is also delivered weekly on a Tuesday.

Fruit in Schools

This valuable programme is still in practice and will be for next year also. The daily variety of fruit plays a vital component to students in their working day along with the Milk in Schools programme.. The lead teacher in this curriculum area must ensure all fruit is given out to classes daily. Senior students help with the issuing and delivery of fruit also. Fruit delivery days are Monday and Wednesday.


In Term 3 Gina Matiu from Sports Northland ran Nutrition lessons with all classes. The main focus of the lessons was the being able to find and know limits of the amount of sugar in regular items we eat. The students really enjoyed working with Gina as it was very hands on with plenty of discussion.

Zero Waste

in Term 2 Sue Woods delivered an “Is that really rubbish? “ programme, sharing  zero waste lunch box ideas and raising awareness of what is recyclable. Each class had two sessions each over three days. Healthy lunches and reducing rubbish are still issues in our school that could be improved on

The School Garden

This is developing well with the help from North Tech, school clubs and class programmes. North Tec will be continuing with the sustainability program next year. Currently North Tec are seeking interest to create a pizza oven, possibly being built on the grass area outside the hall.

First Aid

In Term 1 this year we had a facilitator visit the senior classes to run whole day First Aid courses.

  • 25th March 2014 Tuesday - Room 15
  • 1st April 2014 Tuesday -Tumanako (Plus Puawai and Azariah Rm14)
  • 8th April 2014 Tuesday -Room 12 plus 2 from Room 14.

Tamariki received a workbook that they worked through during and after the course. They really enjoyed the hands on activities and teachers were keen to have this again next year if more hands on activities could be included.

Life Education

The caravan visited the school in Term 3. Students look forward to their time with Harold.  Social relationships, peer pressure and how the brain works were the topics covered..

Classes had two sessions in the Life Ed Van and went away with workbooks to carry on with in class.,

Looking to 2015

The Kick Start Breakfast, Milk and Fruit in school programmes will continue. Looking into getting parent help for breakfast is something I would like to try for again, need to think of incentives. Approaching Northland College Principal about a NCEA credit for hospitality to link up with our Breakfast Club is also another idea to get this help and develop links with our neighbouring secondary school..

It has been discussed that for now a Teacher Aide will be employed for two mornings a week to support Breakfast Club. The remaining three days will be covered by the Lead Teacher.

A washing machine and dryer will be requested in the budget for next year. This will ensure kitchen and classroom tea towels, cloths and towels are kept sanitary. School Sports uniforms can be washed and dried also rather than being sent home with coaches.

The kitchen in the hall is still not functioning at its best. A system for using kitchen utensils needs to be set up so they are returned and put back properly and clean. Things are often lost or left for others to clean.

Rubbish is an issue in our school. Times when kids should be sitting eating, they are often unsupervised and walking around. This is when rubbish tends to be dropped. Children and staff need to be reminded of the rules about being supervised and sitting to eat.. Perhaps a regular rubbish pick up time every day e.g after lunch with designated areas. Or just a once a week rubbish pick up day.

Lunch Club is an idea for next year that could be run by students for students. This however needs to be supervised at lunchtimes in the hall similar to Breakfast Club. Volunteers would need to be sort before this could even go ahead. However the need is great for some of our kids.

Sun smart and water programmes will be key topics for Term 1 in 2015. Other Health topics to be covered throughout the year will be included in school newsletters. I will create a survey for teachers, students and whanau to complete to find out what health programmes we ran this year were the most popular, and to find out other areas of interest. This will ensure engagement from students and make sure what we are offering is purposeful.

I have only been Health coordinator since Term 3 this year. I look forward to creating, healthy and exciting options for students and Kaikohe East School.

Kelli Witana

Curriculum Leader /HPS /Health Kaikohe East School

Physical Education Curriculum Review Report

The year began with swimming as a focus in term 1.  We had water safety N.Z in to promote water safety and run workshops with each class promoting the aspects of water safety.

In April this year a group of 12 children travelled to Whangarei with Mrs Stillwell and Mrs Croucher to compete in the Ray White Triathlon.  It was held on a Sunday, but was very successful. We had a number of Whanau who came down to support their tamariki and who are keen to go again next year.

We have had another successful Hockey session.  Kaikohe East entered two school teams, one junior and one senior, in the Saturday morning hockey tournament.  We were very fortunate to have parent help to manage the teams on a Saturday morning and were very grateful for their assistance otherwise this may not of happened.We had five children make the BOI Representative team.

This year we had a trial for a School Sports Co-ordinator to work in our School, Kaikohe West and the Kura.  It started off well with him overseeing the organisation for the Fire Brigade Sports day. From term 3 things slowly dropped off and we were seeing less and less of him. In term 4 his contract was terminated as we did not see the benefits of having him in our school.

In term 2 we signed up to be a part of the ” Energize” programme that is run by sport Northland.  It is a way of promoting Physical Activity in schools and getting children Active.  In term 3 the programme begun.  Gina Matiu for sport Northland came in on a fortnightly basis to work with all classes covering food and Nutrition and daily fitness.  This term she returned to cover aspects of Athletics.  This has been well received by teachers and students.

Sports equipment has been readily available to the children at lunchtimes.  The senior syndicate came up with some Sports Monitors who have been giving up their lunchtimes in order to get equipment out to children.  i has been very successful but we still have equipment getting broken or misplaced.

A new container has been purchased to use as the new PE Shed.  The reasoning behind this is to make it more accessible for students and teachers and also to free up the classroom where the equipment is being stored.  


  • Ray White triathlon was a huge success again this year for those that attended and great motivation to get children involved.  Have had interest for 2015.

  • Hockey Coach from Sport Northland ran a hockey skills programme for the whole school in term 1, 2and 3.  Working with each class twice a term.

  • Swim for Life programme was run by Water safe NZ in term 1 with sessions for every class.  This is to be continued in 2015

  • School Cross Country was run in term 3 and was very successful again will be continued in 2015.

  • Saturday sports School teams established for Hockey and netball.  

  • Thursday Afternoon school teams up and running for Touch

  • Term 3 a Life skills/Gold Programme was run for Seniors

  • We have attended various sporting codes inter school competitions such as; Rippa Rugby in Kerikeri, Fire Brigade sports, Ohaeawai Cross Country

Assessment Procedures

  • There is still a need for a strong Physical Education Programme to be happening in our school.

  • Teachers really need to come on board with the teaching of Physical Education as there still does not seem to be a lot happening.

  • Skills’ coaching was mainly done from the Coaches at Sport Northland that we got in to help.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to get coaches in from Sport Northland to promote Physical education.  A push will be given towards the teaching of Physical Education in our school and getting teachers on Board.  

The bike track needs to be developed more and becoming a regular part of Physical activity for our students. More gear needs to be purchased and re stocked for next year.

Rebecca Croucher

Sports Coordinator