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1408 Mathematics - 13 August 2014

Curriculum Report - Numeracy - July 2014


  • To create a community of learners with high academic achievement in mathematics

  • To create a community of  Maori learners with high academic achievement in mathematics


  • PD with Donna ongoing from 2013 including walk throughs, appraisals, staff meetings, call back days and 1-1 mentoring with Donna. This has all lead to an improvement in planning and implementing the numeracy curriculum.

  • Timetable change – Numeracy block now 11.30 – 1pm to allow for a longer time for Numeracy in classroom and adequate time for covering other stands in Numeracy.

  • Maths Challenge at assemblies for Years 3 – 6. This will also be adapted to junior level too.

  • Identified target groups working with Kaz in Term 1. ALIM was postponed but will be considered next year to support Numeracy development schoolwide.

Assessment Procedures

  • JAM and GLOSS – JAM for years 1-3 and GLOSS for years 4-6 as per our assessment timetable

  • Appraisals/walkthroughs completed by Elaine and Donna twice a year.

  • Assessment team gathers data from Etap for regular discussion and feedback to staff.

  • JAM, GLOSS and Basic facts recorded on Etap

  • NUMPA also used to assess and is recorded on Etap.


Looking ahead

  • Working towards establishing stations that support Numeracy Learning in classrooms. This also links in with the Reggio philosophy that is being implemented schoolwide. Encouraging teachers to look closely at their assessments, children’s needs/strengths, culture and identity. Knowing your learner so that stations are relevant and reflective of the learning that is occurring in the classroom. This will be support by Donna and the numeracy team plus with our Reggio PD and visits to other schools and classes for ideas.