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1404 The Arts - 9 April 2014

Prepared by Frederika Jarvis


  • The focus of the Arts within the curriculum is promoting the school vision of being ‘Proud Prepared Learners’ through the 4 disciplines of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art. By using the guidelines of the New Zealand Curriculum students will have the opportunity to experience, communicate and develop their ideas .Classes are relating these disciplines to the provocation and inquiry topics in their programmes.  


  • In Visual Art class programmes have covered many forms and processes. These have included portraits, pencil sketches, collage, paper weaving, colour blending geometry drawings, painting, pastel work, black and white photos and doodle art.

  • Music is supported in the junior classes with singing and simple action songs.  The choir will start in term 2 in preparation for the World Vision Concert on August 11th

  • Dance continues to be covered through school wide Jump Jam which takes place in the middle terms. New dances will be taught as different DVD’s have been ordered.

  • Drama is a strand of the Arts that is used quite openly through classroom shared books, problem solving and social interaction, but is an area that could always be developed.

Looking Ahead

  • We will continue to look for opportunities to promote the Arts in Kaikohe East School. We still need  to investigate and invite local artists to inspire and generate interest.  The  school mural created last year was a starting block for this initiative. This could be done again through school wide Art Intensive afternoon programmes.

  • In term 2 the Junior classes are intending to travel to Auckland to see the production ‘Annie’·

  • The budget is intact at this stage , classroom programmes are quite well supported in resources that were purchased in term 1.