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1312 Health and Physical Education - 4 December 2013

Curriculum Report  

Health and Physical Education 2013


  • I am underway with planning a Yearly overview that will give us a direction of where we are heading in the terms of sporting codes and skills and getting house teams and competitions up and running.  I am hoping this will give more motivation to our PE programme.  An Overview was completed and handed out to teachers for the year.  I feel that this was still not used very well so will perhaps need to look at it for a staff meeting in 2014 and make sure all classes have Physical Education programmed into their timetable weekly.

  • House competitions need to be run and part of our School Wide Programme.  We had one house competition this year at the end of term one as a celebration day.  This was very successful so again a goal for next year will be to try and have one every term.

  • We would like to get a school bike track put in around the perimeter of the field.  We would require 60+bikes and each class would have an allocated time throughout the day/week where they would use the track.  This goal was achieved and followed up with a very successful Bike Track Opening Day.  All children and staff are enthusiastic about the bikes and are keen to get riding.  Every class is using their time slot.  A goal for next year would be for teachers to monitor bikes a bit more with children only riding a bike the right size for the,.  Making sure that children are on the same bike.  It would also be good to get some bike training and we need to put in place some bike track rules.  A lot of bikes are getting ill treated and regular maintenance needs to be done, more than usual.

  • Equipment in the playground during Play and lunch needs a better system.  At the moment there is very little gear out.  I would like to get about 5 bins put out perhaps outside the office where we will have gear available from one access point and will be put out in the morning and put away at the end of the day.  Bins would contain; soccer balls, rugby balls, skipping ropes, bats and tennis balls etc.  This still seems to be a problem.  We have tried bins etc but a lot of sports gear still seems to be going missing and miss used.  We do however, have some sport monitors that bring some sports items out at lunchtimes and then put them away at the end of lunch.  This system seems to be working better.

  • Sports Uniforms.  This year we purchased some very smart uniforms that can be used for all sporting codes.  Children are very Proud to wear them.


  • House competitions - Run every term.  Name plaques, flags or something similar to be purchased  for houses to be identified better.

  • Teaching of Physical Education -  Overview for teachers to follow term by term.  have reflections and staff meetings on how this is going and what they are doing in their physical Education Programme.  Needs to be monitored.

  • Bikes and Bike Track - Would like to see the BMX track get underway.  Beautifying of the bike track area.  Also teachers to have a meeting and establish bike rules, riding of bikes etc so we are all doing the same thing.  This may prevent some bike maintenance.

  • Inter School Triathlon held at Kaikohe East School - I would like to organise a inter school triathlon to be held at our school.  This would be a swim using our swimming pool, a bike and run around the bike track and wider school perimeter.  Looking at late March.


  • Weetbix triathlon was a huge success again this year for those that attended and great motivation to get children involved.  Have had interest for 2014, but may try the one in Whangarei

  • Hockey Coach from Sport Northland ran a hockey skills programme for years 0-3 in term 2

  • Swim for Life programme was run by Water safe NZ in term 1 with sessions for every class.  This is to be continued in 2014

  • School Cross Country was run in term 3 and was very successful again will be continued in 2014.

  • Saturday sports School teams established for Hockey and netball.  We had a huge interest in Hockey this year, with four teams entered into the Saturday Morning house competition.

  • Thursday Afternoon school teams up and running for Touch

  • We have attended various sporting codes inter school competitions such as; Rippa Rugby in Kerikeri, Fire Brigade sports, Ohaeawai Cross Country

  • We have had the Football coach from football Northland in to take the whole school through some football (soccer) drills.  Also he worked with a group of 15 children for 10 weeks on football drills

  • T-Ball coach working with some senior children.

Assessment Procedures

This Continues from Last year:

  • Although we have done more in terms of sport and sport/skills coaching their still needs to be a huge improvement school wide.

  • Skills’ coaching was mainly done form the Coaches at Sport Northland that we got in to help.

  • Teachers really need to come on board with the teaching of Physical Education as there still does not seem to be a lot happening.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to get coaches in from Sport Northland to promote Physical education.  Apush will be given towards the teaching of Physical Education in our school and getting teachers on Board.

Rebecca Croucher

Sports Coordinator

Health and Physical Education November 2013

End of Year Health Report 2013

Kaikohe East continues to support health programmes.  These have contributed to creating and maintaining a Healthy Promoting School. Here is a breakdown of what we have successfully achieved this year.

Kick Start Breakfast

This has continued throughout the year now on a daily basis. Fonterra and Sanatarium are the key sponsors in providing Weetbix and milk for students. There are approximately 15-20 students who take breakfast at school each day.

All classes also get their own milk each day. Students have been instructed in how to fold the milk cartons as part of an important recycling process. These cartons are shipped to Malaysia and converted into roof tiles for state houses. Children enjoy their milk and look forward to it as part of their daily routine.

The School Garden

This is developing well with the help from North Tech. school clubs and class programmes. In the weekly club programmes held in Term 3 edible hanging baskets were created with plants, herbs and fruits. Room 4 is currently planting an area and taking seeds to plant native trees. With the opening of the bike track fruit trees have been planted around the edges. A shade green house has been constructed for the protection of plants. Orchard planting continues and a strawberry patch is being created. Looking to next year, North Tech will continue with their Sustainability progamme, and they are planning on building a pizza oven. There hs been no funding for the garden club this year.

Jump Rope For Heart

On June 12 the school took part in the Jump Rope for Heart with funds raised to support the Heart Foundation.

Zero Waste

Sue Woods gave the school class demonstrations on how to reduce packaging. She also recently showed senior classes examples of packaging that had won awards. This continues to be a problem in school and healthy lunchboxes are always being reviewed.

Fruit in Schools.

This valuable programme is still in practice and will be for next year also. The daily variety of fruit plays a vital component to students in their working day along with the Milk in Schools programme.

Road and Truck Safety

On May 28th the  school was visited by Peter Houston on behalf of the Forest Management. Students were made aware of the dangers around big trucks. They were shown around and in the truck to get first hand experience. It was a wonderful learning experience

Life Education

The caravan visited the school in Term 3. Students look forward to their time with Harold! Body parts and the digestive system as well as the different food groups were the topics. To continue with the support of the Life Education Trust, staff from the school will be taking part in the Half Marathon in Kerikeri on November 16th to raise funds for this valuable resource to schools.

Looking to 2014

The Kick Start Breakfast, Milk and Fruit in school programmes will continue.  A visit for St John’s will be planned along with classroom projects and Inquiry models. Sun smart and water programmes are also key topics. The Health topics will be included in a newsletter informing the parents what the school will covering next year. This is to ensure that consultation requirements have been addressed and parents have the opportunity to respond if they wish.

This has been my 2nds year as the Health coordinator. I look forward to creating, healthy and exciting options for students and Kaikohe East School.

Yours sincerely.

Frederika Jarvis

Curriculum Leader /HPS /Health Kaikohe East School