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1309 Social Sciences - Inquiry Learning - 18 September 2013

Prepared By: S Woodman and K Witana Date: Sept.2013


The aim is to continue to support the Inquiry Learning involving all curriculum areas in our school. Taking particular interest in the understanding of communities and cultures. The social science program gives the students rich meaningful and relevant experiences to develop and enhance their view of the world.

We have tried to continue with the main focus from 2012 using the topics, Our school, Our town, Our Country and Our World.


This year the school has continued with its focus on Inquiry learning. Main themes have been used each term and teachers have implemented their own programmes around there. Term 1: Our School gala, Term 2: Anti-Bulling, Term 3 has been linked with our visit from Life Education. In Term 4 we are aligning with the theme of our town Christmas Parade: The Circus is coming to town.


The Inquiry team created in 2011 has been involved with the linking of topics to the ‘other’ curriculum areas. An Inquiry Planning sheet based on the Inquiry model developed by Kath Murdoch, has been shared each term to show the cycle and key questions involved at each stage. This was not mandatory but was to inspire and promote general discussion in regard to the topic.


We would like to create an Inquiry Long Term Plan for 2014 which would link to all curriculum areas in particular Science, Social Science, Technology and other stands in Maths. This would aim to improve coverage and continuity between levels. 

Assessment Procedures

·      There continues to be a difficulty in analysing the impact of inquiry learning within Social Studies as the majority of the approaches are cross curricular. 

Looking Ahead

·      Discuss and develop a Curriculum Integration Coverage Planner to promote coverage and continuity. 

 ·      Continue to develop Professional Development to strengthen and support the questioning approach in the implementation of Inquiry Learning School wide so that everyone is on the same page.



The annual budget for 2012 was $5000. This has been spent on resources and equipment for classrooms and children in support of Social Sciences and Inquiry learning. Code 3307. The majority of this year’s budget has been spent on resources for Clubs in Term 3.