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1307 Science - 1 July 2013

Curriculum Report – Science

A questionnaire was sent around to teachers to investigate what science topics they were teaching at Kaikohe East School.

What is happening now?

All teachers have individual science programmes. There is no set theme across the school. Topics are chosen through children’s interests and as a motivation for writing.

How confident are we in teaching Science? 

The questionnaire shows that the majority of teachers’ confidence varies from none to some.

How do we teach Science? 

Some teachers teach this subject through Inquiry, several through a cross curricular format or integration and a few as a stand-alone specific item of the curriculum. Such investigations are also supported by follow up literacy programmes too.

What Science have we taught this year? 

Topics covered so far this term have included harakeke, life cycles, seasons, animals, cooking, general science experiments.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year.

Topics planned include: planting seeds, making grass heads, Plants, Flight, Lights and Mirrors, Healthy Bodies, Life Ed. 

How good (or bad) are the school resources? 

Some teachers are not aware of the resources available and purchase resources that they need as needed.

What would we like to see happen?

Decide what our children need to know.

We would like to see a school wide theme for each term that teachers can align science activities to. This will ensure coverage and give teachers some direction with what science they could teach.

Lift the profile of Science. 

The Inquiry Team will to brainstorm and select themes and ways of integrating science into other curriculum areas. Carry out a stocktake of resources and make teachers aware of what is available and where they are located.

Science Budget to 28 June 2012. 

This year’s Science budget is linked to the Inquiry programme and is still well resourced to date.

Report prepared by S Woodman and K Witana 26.06.2013