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1210 Technology - 30 October 2012

Curriculum Report – Technology


·      This year the staff have undergone professional development with maths and science and OTJ’s ( Overall teacher judgement). Therefore as in the last report Technology has not been the centre of focus which is reflected in the no budget allocation. Room 5 & 6 undertook an inquiry unit which resulted in a technology component in the construction of 6 planter boxes. This was linked to the “Our Town” topic.  Other classes continue with the use of projectors, cameras and general use of computers.

·      The school wide programmes for the year have continued on the same topics of ‘Our School, Our Town, Our Country, Our World”. Within this umbrella the technology programme has a limited scope.


·      To bring this curriculum area back into the arena, teachers feel that PD programmes are required. With the science project continuing into 2013 teachers have suggested that a number of progressions of practice, knowledge and understandings linked to science could be delivered. So that in this curriculum area teachers will know what to teach , what to focus on and what to assess.  A change in Topic studies for 2013 will support this.

Assessment Procedures

·      As the focus has  been based around the Numeracy, Literacy, Social Sciences, Science  and the Arts. Technology has not been part of the formative and summative assessment.

Looking Ahead

·      Without a fixed budget limited resources inhibit the delivery of this programme. It has been suggested that a budget be set to accommodate an exciting Technology programme for 2013.


Report prepared by F.Jarvis October 2012