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1209 Social Studies - Inquiry Learning - 25 September 2012

Prepared By: Fredi Jarvis Date: Sept.2012


The aim is to continue to support the Inquiry Learning involving all curriculum areas in our school. Taking particular interest in the understanding of communities and cultures. The social science program gives the students rich meaningful and relevant experiences to develop and enhance their view of the world. The main focus this year has continued from 2011 using the topics, Our school, Our town, Our Country and Our World for Term 4.


This year the school has continued with its focus on Inquiry learning. Through PD in developing rich questions the development of a school Inquiry model based on the school name “Rawhiti” is being created.

Topics such as the Olympics, where competitors attribute and participation have been investigated.  Some classes focused on Trash to Fashion, and the study of communities. Kiwiana , Spring, and the effect of Natural disasters and how they impact on communities were other topics studied.

The Inquiry team created in 2011 has been involved with organising a Speech Day and an upcoming Talent Quest. These also link to the ‘other’ curriculum areas.

The Inquiry Team create suggestions to the teaching staff to inspire and promote general discussion regarding the “where to next” area.  An idea is to start Term 1 2013 with a school wide topic to be developed in depth eg.Fire.

Assessment Procedures

·      There continues to be a difficulty in analysing the impact of inquiry learning within Social Studies as the majority of the approaches are cross curricular.

·      The Professional Development we are working on will support the Social Science programme, so that students will begin to understand the importance of their place in society and how society impacts on their lives.


Looking Ahead

·      Continue to support the school with the organisation of social and sporting events.

·      Complete the School Inquiry model and have the whole school implement it in 2013.

·      Create a brand new Topic for investigation in 2013.

·      Continue to develop Professional Development to strengthen and support the questioning approach in the implementation of Inquiry Learning School wide so that everyone is on the same page.



The annual budget for 2012 was $4000. This has been spent on resources and equipment for classrooms and children in support of Social Sciences and Inquiry learning. Code 3307.