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1205 The Arts - 8 May 2012


The focus of the Arts within the curriculum is promoting the school vision of being ‘Proud Prepared Learners’ through the 4 disciplines of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art. By using the guidelines of the New Zealand Curriculum students will have the opportunity to experience, communicate and develop their ideas.


In Visual Art class programmes are supported by a wide range of techniques. These include paint mixing, blending colours, collage, crayon and dye, Tapa cloth art, paper construction and print making. Some classes have created portraits, made borders and lettering for their waiata linking it to the school wide topic “Our School”.

Music is a vehicle which supports and promotes values. In the first term the junior classes had regular Music sessions in the school hall every Thursday afternoon. The programme was very varied as students learnt about how to use percussion instruments to enhance songs. There was dance and movement to establish beat and rhythm , followed by a listening time where activities taught students how to listen and respond. By being successful with a grant from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music more percussion instruments and resources will be available to support this discipline. Fredi Jarvis takes a Music club every Thursday lunchtime where students learn the ukulele. They have had performed in assembly and more performances are planned. The World Vision concert is planned in November in Kerikeri and the School choir will again take part in this 2 yearly event.

Dance is covered school – wide through Jump Jam, this is also used as a fitness programme. Room 1 and 8 worked together in Term 1 to establish basic understanding and concepts of movement, and how to achieve them. Room 5 & 6 will be working together this term on a programme that incorporates both mime and dance.

Drama continues to be used quite openly in connection with shared books, problem solving and social interaction.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to look for opportunities where the different forms of ‘The Arts’ are promoted. The budget is quite intact at this stage as classroom programmes are quite well supported in resources.