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1112 Health and Physical Education - 6 December 2011


  • We are currently working towards setting up a yearly overview for a PE programme that will incorporate the whole School working together in house teams to accomplish set objectives and sporting skills.  


  • Term four saw the set-up of house teams where every child is placed into a team (Rata, Rimu, Tawa, Kowhai)  They will stay in their house team for the entire time they are at our school
  • Run-Jump-Throw programme taken through term four.  This consisted of children in house teams and teachers to teach required skills to the children
  • Saturday sports School teams established for Hockey and netball  
  • Thursday Afternoon school teams up and running for Touch
  • We have attended various sporting codes inter school competitions such as; Rippa Rugby, Rookie Ball, Fire Brigade sports
  • We have had the Football coach from football Northland in to take the whole school through some football (soccer) drills.  Also he worked with a group of 15 children for 10 weeks on football drills
  • Rookie Ball group in and ran a programme for classes

Assessment Procedures

  • The focus for the school has come about after attending many inter school and Saturday morning sporting events it has been observed that our children are not up with other schools in the terms of sporting abilities and fitness.  
  • It has also been noted that very little was being done in the way of sport skill teaching and PE consisted more of taking the children out for a game.

Looking Ahead 

  • In terms of next year, I am underway with planning a Yearly overview that will give us a direction of where we are heading in the terms of sporting codes and skills.
  • Professional Development will take place in term 1 and will look at Fundamental movement skills and how to incorporate this into our PE Curriculum
  • We are going to take a group of children to the Weet-Bix kids triathlon in Auckland on the 25th March
  • Looking at relocating the sports shed to be in closer range of the classrooms so it is better utilised and organise to meet the needs of the teachers and children
  • Swim Safe will be in in term 1 to work with children and teachers in the area of swim safety
  • Life Education is booked for term 3

End of Year Health Report 2011

Kaikohe East School has been successful in undertaking health programmes this year which has contributed to creating a Healthy Promoting school.

      Here is a breakdown of those projects.

  • Bronze Heart Award for supporting healthy lifestyles. The ‘Health’ Team encouraged  students to eat healthy choices, and investigated through a school wide survey what breakfast routines families have. They also organised competitions to support this.

  • Kick Start Breakfast. This was started in term 4 following the results of a Breakfast survey and competition draw which was awarded in assembly. Sanitarium and Fonterra sponsor the school with supplies and classes have breakfast offered twice a week. 

  • The school garden has continued with the establishment of a garden club, this runs twice weekly. A shed was purchased, donations of native trees have been planted and a grant to build a protective fence for all plants has also been implemented. The garden was given a large amount of topsoil form the West School and this has been used to top up the large raised beds created last year. It is hoped that classes will be able to continue with their own plots next year. 

  • Jump Rope for Heart. In May the world skipping champion Peter Nestler came to Kaikohe East school for a workshop on behalf of the Heart Foundation. There were some fantastic movements performed, something to inspire students and continue into 2012.

  • Zero Waste: Sue Woods gave a school wide investigation and audit into the amount of packaging accumulating in the school on a daily/weekly scale. This is still a problem that requires constant revisiting to try reduce.  

  • Fruit in Schools: This valuable programme is still in practice and students look forward to their fruit time. The food source plays a vital component to students in their working day. It will continue into at least term 1 of 2012. It will be  a few years before the fruit trees in our school garden are productive.

  • Budget: The health and P.E budget were combined this year. Purchases for the garden were funded from the garden budget. I will be attending a first aid course in the school holidays, although I would like all staff members do the same. It is an important requirement for the school.

  • Looking to 2012: I will be working closely with the P.E initiatives for next year, starting with a Sun Smart programme. The Kick Start breakfast will continue in the Junior classes with Brush Ins, as well as the Health Team carrying on with their investigations and projects in term 1. In term 2 a Skipathon is planned.  In term 4 there will be visits from St John’s and Firewise.

I have enjoyed my year as the Health co-ordinator, and look forward to 2012 and creating exciting  healthy options for the students at Kaikohe East School.

Yours sincerely, 

Frederika Jarvis 
Room 6 
Curriculum leader /HPS/Health