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1111 Technology - 1 November 2011

Curriculum Report – Technology


  • This year the staff have undergone professional development with the ‘Inquiry” approach to the curriculum.  Therefore Technology has not been the centre of focus which is reflected in the no budget allocation. Some classes have undertaken cooking, recycling and incorporated this with computers, projectors in the classrooms, cameras and CD players.
  • The school wide programme has focussed on ‘Our School, Our Town, Our Country, Our World’. Therefore the Technology programme has a limited scope within this umbrella.


  • To bring this curriculum area back to the fore teachers feel that PD programmes are required to remind us of what is required.
  • One suggestion is that the school could develop a number of progressions in practice, knowledge and understandings in this curriculum area so we know what to teach, what to focus on and what to assess.

Assessment Procedures

  • Due to the fact that the focus has been centred around the Social Sciences, Arts, Literacy and Numeracy subjects Technology has not been part of the formative and summative assessment.

Looking Ahead

  • Without a fixed budget limited resources inhibit the delivery of this programme. (Please refer to the Technology report 2010)
  • This maybe something that should be considered when budgets are set for 2012.  


Report prepared by F.Jarvis October 2011