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1109 Curriculum Delivery Policy Review - 27 September 2011

Delivery of the curriculum shall foster student achievement. Therefore the principal may not fail to:

  • Ensure opportunities for success in all essential learning areas and skill areas of the New Zealand curriculum
    • Term Overviews prepared and school wide broad topics are planned for, daily planning falls out of this overview, an integrated inquiry approach allows teachers to plan for essential learning areas other than Literacy and Numeracy to be covered however with the MOE emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy can be seen as limiting how and what other learning areas are covered in a year. Therefore we must be strategic about how and what “topics” for study are selected.
  • Give priority to literacy and numeracy
    • Literacy and Numeracy takes up majority of class timetables during two morning blocks and school targets are focussed on these two areas.
    • Literacy and Numeracy goals and data are discussed at depth in Senior Management Meetings and both continue to be focus professional development areas.
    • Curriculum Teams include one team of teachers for Literacy and one team for Numeracy with Lead Teachers responsible for both.
  • Report on progress and achievement of students
    • Each term literacy and numeracy data is analysed, collected and discussions re next steps occur with regard to children’s programmes and professional development and support required by teachers.
    • Literacy or Numeracy goals are reported to at each Board of Trustee Meeting
    • Progress and or achievement in Literacy and Numeracy are reported on to whanau at least twice per year
    • Annual Variance Report shares school wide trends as appropriate to annual data and results
  • Identify students at risk of not achieving and implement teaching and learning strategies to address needs
    • This occurs through collation of assessment data, and now that we can readily produce school wide data we can easily identify students who are at, above or below targets
  • Consult with the Maori community about the policies/plans for improving the achievement of Maori students
    • As previously reported consultation is more successful through the school newsletter and surveys that are sent home.
    • We continue to make the most of PTC Hui held also to consult whanau but try not to always survey whanau at these times as it can take away the real purpose of these hui.
  • Provide career information and guidance
    • Not applicable to Year 1 to Year 6 students - should be deleted from policy