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1109 Social Sciences - 27 September 2011


Prepared By: Kaz Chamberlain  Date: Sept 2011



To support Inquiry Learning across all curriculum areas with particular attention to the social sciences including science, social studies and technology.

We are trying to develop student’s knowledge and skills to enable them to better participate in and contribute to the world they live in.

The main focus this year has been on Our town, Our country and heading into term four will be Our world.


This year the school has begun focussing on reintroducing and engaging teachers and children in Inquiry learning. Inquiry learning is about children having ownership of their learning. This includes using rich questioning, being able to reflect and use higher level thinking skills – all skills that the teachers teach, support and guide.


The inquiry team was introduced in 2011 to support this development and in particular to oversee the ‘other’ curriculum areas that literacy and numeracy link with.


To begin building resources and equipment for the whole school to access.


To lead celebration days and the acknowledgement of major events like the rugby world cup.


To reenergise and inspire teaching staff in the sciences and in doing so generate staff wide discussion about where to next in these area.



  • There is great difficulty in analysing the impact of the inquiry approach on the Social Science curriculum as most approaches have become cross-curricular.
  • We are currently in the process of receiving professional development that will only strengthen and support the social sciences programme in our school.  It is envisaged that once our vision statement has been approved then all else will evolve


2011 has seen us begin to set our own school wide inquiry model and goals as a whole staff. This will continue to be developed in 2012 with support from the inquiry team for resources, curriculum development and organisation of supporting events.


In 2012 we will discuss with staff other resources that will be of benefit to the children in their classrooms. Light panels in every classroom is a possibility and research into further resources to support social sciences and inquiry learning will be a investigated.


Suggested further staff PD will also benefit the implementation of Inquiry learning school wide.



Our annual budget was $3000. This has been spent on resources and equipment for the classrooms and children to support social sciences and inquiry learning. Code: 3307