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1103 The Arts - 29 March 2011

Curriculum Report – The Arts

Prepared by Frederika Jarvis


·      The focus of the Arts within the curriculum is promoting the school vision of being ‘Proud Prepared Learners’ through the 4 disciplines of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art.  By using the guidelines of the New Zealand Curriculum students will have the opportunity to experience, communicate and develop their ideas.


·      In Visual Art class programmes are supported by murals, paintings, creative collages and general drawing which collaborate with class topics. An Art exhibition is planned for the last week of Term 1 where all classes will contribute with a decorated panel and a totem pole called ‘Pillars of Pride”. This is supporting the theme of Proud Prepared Learners.

·      Music is a vehicle which supports and promotes values and junior classes still meet on a Tuesday in Room 6 for singing and percussive sessions. ICT is also used to stimulate and enhance the learning through visual and audio programmes.

·      Dance is covered school – wide through Jump Jam, this is also used as a fitness programme. Kimihia use dance as a tool for teaching students to be interactive and confident. They are also building up a repertoire of songs.  

·      A music programme is underway through the SWIS intervention, this takes up to 20 students using a variety of percussion instruments and games.

·      Drama is used quite openly in connection with shared books, problem solving and social interaction. R10 are having a powhiri for their new multi sensory facility and every 2nd Friday the whole school come together for a Hui a Kura. This involves a Karakia, Himene and Waiata. 

Looking Ahead

·      We will continue to look for opportunities where the different forms of ‘The Arts’ are promoted. The budget is quite intact at this stage as classroom programmes are quite well supported in resources.