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1510 Technology - 28 October 2015

Curriculum Report – Technology


  • Technology is integrated throughout our everyday teaching and learning programme.

  • Food technology is regularly integrated within teaching and learning as our children particularly enjoy this. Our hall kitchen is well equipped with ingredients and utensils for cooking.

  • Building and construction is also integrated during developmental or stations. i.e. woodwork, class, wire, blocks, lego, mobilo, cardboard boxes etc.

  • Information and communication technology: Classes continue with the use of cameras, iPads, Apple TV’s, digital microscopes, light tables and computers. In Term 3 we introduced the use of 6 chromebooks into Room 4, 8, 15 as a trial. So far these have been very useful for the classroom programme in terms of familiarising tamariki with google docs, emailing, blogging, typing skills and researching. Senior Syndicate staff have also visited 3 schools to see the benefits of full time and one on one use of chromebooks in action. We have seen some positive things and we are happy to keep the balanced approach of using the traditional pencils and books as well as using chromebooks and ipads to complement and enhance the classroom.


Teachers teach technology using an integrated approach through Literacy and Maths and Inquiry.

  • Term 1 2015: Whanaungatanga-Identity/ Pepeha

  • Term 2 2015: Manaakitanga/ Kaitiakitanga

  • Term 3 2015: Hauora

  • Term 4 2015: Enterprise

Above are the overarching themes our teachers have been guided by. Teachers provide experiences to provoke curiosity within but not limited to these themes. Learning is based on student interest and questions that they have.

Assessment Procedures

  • There are no formal assessment requirements.

Looking Ahead

  • We want to have a new whole school app store account started so the only apps we have on our ipads are learning apps that we have tested and know are beneficial. We have had a long time to experiment and find out which apps are best suited for different levels and curriculum areas. This is just the next step at refining what we do.

Report prepared by K Witana October 2015