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1006 Curriculum Delivery Policy Review - 15 June 2010

15 June 2010

Curriculum Delivery Policy Review

Delivery of the curriculum shall foster student achievement. Therefore the principal may not fail to:
  • Ensure opportunities for success in all essential learning areas and skill areas of the New Zealand curriculum
    • Term Overviews prepared, daily planning falls out of this overview, an integrated approach allows teachers to plan for essential learning areas other than Literacy and Numeracy to be covered
  • Give priority to literacy and numeracy
    • Literacy and Numeracy takes up majority of class timetables during two morning blocks
  • Report on progress and achievement of students
    • Each term literacy and numeracy data is analysed, collected and discussions re next steps occur
  • Identify students at risk of not achieving and implement teaching and learning strategies to address needs
    • This occurs through collation of assessment data, will happen more easily once we have more etap training
  • Consult with the Maori community about the policies/plans for improving the achievement of Maori students
    • This happens through the school newsletter and surveys being sent home.  Trying to link to coincide with parent teacher child meetings has been most successful
  • Provide career information and guidance
    • Not applicable to Year 1 to Year 6 students - should be deleted from policy

Chicky Rudkin.