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1908 Minutes - 6 August 2019

6 August 2019

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Chicky Rudkin, Kaz Chamberlain, Lisa Tuwhangai, Te Rina Toia

In Attendance  Don Edmonds

Apologies Totorewa Rountree


RESOLVED   Chicky/Lisa

That the minutes  are a true record of the previous meeting.

Noted in Discussion

  • New School Sign ready to be erected.


RESOLVED   Te Rina/Kaz

That the correspondence is approved.

Noted in Discussion

  • Don will cover the “New Member” documents (***)  at the board workshop.

Financial Reports

RESOLVED   Lisa/Te Rina

That the June Financial Report is received. 

Noted in Discussion

  • Don to check on “Items of significance”.

  • Need to adjust budget to cover the cost of paper towels and toilet paper - about $2,000.

Curriculum Review


That the Mathematics Curriculum Review Report is received.

Strategic Focus

RESOLVED   Chicky/Te Rina

That the Strategic Goal Progress Report is received.

RESOLVED   Te Rina/Kaz

That the Strategic Plan Progress Report is received.

Special Topics


RESOLVED    Chicky/Kaz

That the Property Report is approved.

Application for Funding for Sports Uniforms

RESOLVED    Lisa/Te Rina

That the board approves the application to the Oxford Sports Trust for Sports Uniforms.

Noted in Discussion

  • Kaz will find out the exact wording that is required for this resolution.

Governance Workshop for New Members

Planned for Monday 12 August 11:30am.

Next Meeting

11:30am Monday 16 September