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1904 Minutes - 5 April 2019

5 April 2019

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Liisa Tuwhangai, Chicky Rudkin, Kaz Chamberlain


Kelly Pattison


RESOLVED   Chicky/Kaz

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.

Noted in Discussion

  • Chicky has followed up the 2018 principal appraisal report - it is coming.


RESOLVED    Lisa/Chicky

That the correspondence is approved.

Financial Report


That the January and February financial reports are received.

Curriculum Review

RESOLVED   Chicky/Lisa

That the The Arts Curriculum Review report is received.

Policy Review

RESOLVED   Chicky/Kaz

That the Curriculum Delivery Policy Report is received.

Matters Arising

RESOLVED    Lisa/Chicky

That the board’s Curriculum Delivery Policy is amended by removing the line “Give Priority to Literacy and Numeracy”.

Special Topics

2019 Charter


That the 2019 Charter is approved.

Noted in Discussion

  • With the alignment to the Kāhui Ako goals the goals referring specifically to Literacy and Numeracy have been removed.

Teacher Registration and Police Vetting

RESOLVED    Chicky/Lisa

That the Teacher Registration and Police Vetting report is received.

Consultation Plan

RESOLVED    Kaz/Chicky

That the Consultation Plan is approved.

Noted in Discussion

  • Jenna from Cognition Education is currently collecting whānau voice as a scanning phase in our review of the curriculum.


RESOLVED    Lisa/Kaz

That the cleaning contract with Te Waoku Development Trust be extended to the end of Term 2 2019.

Noted in Discussion

  • Chicky will consider options for school cleaning from the end of Term 2 and report back to the board.