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1810 Minutes - 31 October 2018

31 October 2018

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Lisa Tuwhangai, Chicky Rudkin, Kaz Chamberlain


Alicia Tomuri, Kelly Pattison


RESOLVED   Lisa/Chicky

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED   Chicky/Kaz

That the correspondence is approved.

Financial Report

RESOLVED   Chicky/Kaz

That the August and September financial reports are  received.

Noted in Discussion

  • Chicky and Kaz to meet with Jessica to discuss budget 2018 and 2019.

Strategic Focus Review


That the 2018 Goal - Progress Report is received.

RESOLVED   Lisa/Chicky

That the 2018 Strategic Plan - Progress Report is received.

Curriculum Review


That the  Technology Curriculum Review Report is received.

Special Topics

Teacher Appointments  

RESOLVED     Lisa/Chicky-

That the following teacher appointments are confirmed:

  • Liz Atkinson Permanent

  • Alison Davis Permanent

  • Tyme Rata - Fixed Term - all of 2019 school year

Priorities for 2019 - Noted in Discussion

  • Staffing

    • Consider reducing Teacher Aide cost and provide for additional teaching staff

  • Resources

    • This may mean a reduction in the resources budget

Next Meeting

Wednesday 5 December  2018.