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1806 Minutes - 27 June 2018

27 June  2018

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Chicky Rudkin, Kaz Chamberlain, Alicia Tomuri


Lisa Tuwhangai, Kelly Pattison

In attendance

Don Edmonds (Secretary)


RESOLVED   Chicky/Kaz

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.

Noted in Discussion

  • The school house has been let to Alison Davis.

  • We should consider the possibility of insulating the house.


RESOLVED   Alicia/Chicky

That the correspondence is approved.

Matters Arising

RESOLVED   Kaz/Alicia

That the board does not intend to request a change of audit arrangements for 2018-2020.

Financial Report

RESOLVED  Kaz/Chicky

That the April financial report is received.

Curriculum Review

RESOLVED  Alicia/Kaz

That the Science Curriculum Review Report is received.

Operations Policy Review

RESOLVED    Chicky/Alicia

That the  Financial Planning, Financial Condition, Asset Management Policy Review Report is received.

Special Topics

Governance Policy Review

RESOLVED    Kaz/Alicia

That the Governance Policy Review report is received.

Noted in Discussion

  • Financial Stewardship means ensuring that the school financial position and financial procedures are appropriate. Reports from Education Services and the auditor’s management letter highlight areas of concern.

  • The detailed meeting procedures are there to assist the board to deal with any contentious situations that may arise at a board meeting.

  • In practice we have only being using the sub-committee procedure for appointments.

Teacher Appointment (1)

RESOLVED    Kaz/Chicky

That Pamela Moana Pou is appointed to cover for Waiora’s  Maternity Leave.

Noted in Discussion

  • The vacancy created by Kelli’s resignation has been advertised.

  • In the meantime the position in Poutama is being covered by Mark Graham.

  • Mark has a Limited Authority to Teach. This has been extended to August.

Teacher Appointment (2)

RESOLVED    Chicky/Alicia

That Barbara Phillips is appointed fixed term for the remainder of 2018.

Noted in Discussion

  • This is for a small new entrants class using the meeting room as a classroom.

  • This position will be school funded.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 8 August  2018.