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1512 Minutes - 2 December 2015

2 December 2015

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Lisa Tuwhangai, Claire Edmonds, Chicky Rudkin, Graeme Shaw, Shenelle Cassidy, Don Edmonds.


Alicia Tomuri


RESOLVED    Graeme/Lisa

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED    Claire/Shenelle

That the inward correspondence is received and the outward approved.

RESOLVED    Graeme/Lisa

That Waiora is granted maternity leave from 21 February to 4 June as requested.

Financial Report

RESOLVED     Shenelle/Claire

That the Financial Report is approved.

Policy Review

RESOLVED   Chicky/Lisa

That the  Financial Planning, Financial Condition and Asset Management policy review report is received.

Curriculum Review

RESOLVED   Chicky/Lisa

That the Health and Physical Education Curriculum Review Report is received.

Special Topics

Staff Appointments

RESOLVED   Chicky/Shenelle

That Lydia Cooper is appointed as a permanent teacher and Dorothy Gray is appointed as a permanent teacher aide.


RESOLVED   Chicky/Graeme

That the 2016 Budget is approved allowing for a deficit of up to $30,000.

Annual Agenda

RESOLVED   Graeme/Shenelle

That the 2016 Annual Agenda and Board Review Plan is approved.

Application for Pub Charity Funding

RESOLVED   Claire/Lisa

That the board approves an application to a gaming trust for funds for the purchase of Chromebooks.

End of Year Dinner

The staff/board end of year dinner is at Malaahi at 4:00pm on Tuesday 15 December.

Next Meeting - Wednesday 24 February 2016