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1506 Minutes - 24 June 2015

24 June 2015

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Lisa Tuwhangai, Alicia Tomuri, Claire Edmonds, Chicky Rudkin ,Graeme Shaw, Don Edmonds.


RESOLVED    Claire/Lisa

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED   Chicky/Graeme

That the inward correspondence is accepted and the outward approved.

Matters Arising

Auditors’ Management Letter

Noted that the board does in fact have a Business Interests Register for board members and close relatives as recommended in the auditor’s 2014 Management Letter.

Chicky has completed the ERO Questionnaire. Don will forward the link to Lisa.

RESOLVED    Lisa/Alicia

Kaikohe East School registers its interest in the proposed Community of Schools.

RESOLVED    Chicky/Graeme

That Kaikohe East School remains with the same auditor: Bennett and Associates.

Financial Report

RESOLVED     Alicia/Claire

That the Financial Report is approved.

Policy Review: Curriculum Delivery

RESOLVED   Alicia/Lisa

That the Curriculum Delivery Policy Review Report is received.

Matters Arising

RESOLVED    Lisa/Alicia

That the board ratifies the Graduate Profile, and notes that community feedback on the draft was overwhelmingly positive.

Curriculum Review

RESOLVED   Claire/Chicky

That the Science Curriculum Review Report is received.

Special Topics

Governance Review

RESOLVED    Lisa/Alicia

That the board receives the Governance Policy Review Questionnaire Report.

Noted in Discussion

We need to replace the term “fiduciary” with a term that is more widely understood.

Digital Devices in Schools

Chicky led a brief discussion about the desirability and use of digital devices in schools, and the Kaikohekohe Trust project. The staff will be checking out possibilities over the next two terms.

Kaikohe Intermediate School

Chicky reported that the commissioner at Kaikohe Intermediate School has initiated a discussion about the structure of education in Kaikohe. No decisions have been made. A survey is to go out to parents outlining options and seeking feedback.

Excluding the Public

The secretary is to research the requirements for excluding the public in the context of staff leave requests and report back to the next meeting.

Request for Leave

Chicky withdrew from the meeting.

RESOLVED    Lisa/Alicia

That the board approves Chicky’s application for paid leave: 13, 14 and 17 August 2015.

Next Meeting - Wednesday 5 August