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1502 Minutes - 25 February 2015

25 February 2015

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Don Edmonds, Shenelle Cassidy


Lisa Tuwhangai, Alicia Tomuri, Graeme Shaw, Claire Edmonds, Chicky Rudkin.


RESOLVED    Alicia/Claire

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting (with Don Edmonds deleted in the list of those present).


RESOLVED    Chicky/Claire

That the inward correspondence is accepted and the outward approved.

Matters Arising

    • If anyone wants to attend the STA conference let Chicky know. We will pay for it.

RESOLVED    Chicky/Claire

That Kohi’s request for leave be approved provided a suitable reliever can be employed and negotiated tasks are completed.

Financial Report

RESOLVED    Alicia/Graeme

That the Financial Report (December 2014) is approved.

Curriculum Review - Learning Languages - Te Reo Māori

RESOLVED    Lisa/-Chicky

That the Learning - Languages  Te Reo Māori Report is received.

Special Topics

Strategic Planning

RESOLVED    Graeme/Alicia

That the 2014 Analysis of Variance Report is approved.

RESOLVED    Alicia/Claire

That the 2015 Annual Goals Report (with actions) is approved.


RESOLVED    Lisa/Graeme

That the 2015 Budget is approved leaving $132.414 estimated available cash at 31 December 2015

Principal’s Performance Review

RESOLVED    Chicky/Graeme

That the board notes that the principal agrees that this matter can be discussed in open meeting.

RESOLVED    Claire/Alicia

That the Principal’s Appraisal Report 2014 from Consultant Boyce Davey is adopted.

Electricity to Caretaker's shed - alteration to current 5ya

We will wait until we find out how much the line will cost, then we can decide if there is enough in the 5 year plan contingency.  

Staffing - possibly of a new class in Term 2


Draft Graduate Profile - Whanau survey at Whanau Hui 17th March


Elect Chairperson

RESOLVED   Graeme/Claire

That Lisa be elected chairperson for 2015

Next Meeting - Wednesday 25 March 2015