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1408 Minutes - 13 August 2014

13 August  2014

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Lisa Tuwhangai, Graeme Shaw, Claire Edmonds, Alicia Tomuri, Don Edmonds


RESOLVED    Lisa/Graeme

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED    Alicia/Claire

That the inward correspondence is accepted and the outward approved.

Financial Report

RESOLVED    Chicky/Lisa

That the Financial Report is approved.

  • Chicky has been comparing prices and deals for photocopiers and electricity. There seems to be a degree of competition and companies are offering different deals.

Curriculum Review - Maths

RESOLVED   Chicky/Claire

That the the Maths Curriculum Review Report is approved.  

Strategic Focus

RESOLVED    Graeme/Lisa

That the the 2014 Goal - Progress Report is approved.  

The 2014 Strategic Plan - Progress Report will be presented at the next meeting..

Special Topics

Senior Management Appraisal

Brief oral report from Chicky:

  • Appraiser Boyce Davey conducted some challenging activities with each of the senior management team.
  • Looking at ways to improve community relationships and engagement.
  • Boyce is to email some comments and suggestions.
  • Another visit in term 4.


Chicky gave an oral report:

  • There was some minor flooding in some rooms in the holidays.
  • The school’s insurance excess is $1,000 so it wasn’t worth claIming.
  • Kris from the Watershed Group has been engaged to develop our new 5YA (Five Year Agreement) and 10YPP (10 year property plan).
  • Suggestions are welcome:
    • Double doors at the front of classrooms.
    • Improvements in toilets and cloakrooms.


RESOLVED    Graeme/Claire

That the Term Two 2014 Attendance Report is approved.  

Governance Policy - Secretary’s Role

RESOLVED    Graeme/Chicky

That a new section “Secretary’s Role” in the Governance Policy is approved.

Next Meeting - 1:30pm Wednesday 24 September 2014