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1406 Minutes - 04 June 2014

4 June  2014

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Lisa Tuwhangai, Graeme Shaw, Claire Edmonds, Alicia Tomuri, Don Edmonds.

New Board Member

RESOLVED   Lisa/Chicky

That the selection of Claire Edmonds as Parent Trustee is confirmed.


RESOLVED   Chicky/Graeme

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.

Noted in Discussion

Boyce Davey will be at the school in the week 23-27 June for the Principal’s Appraisal.

He is also completing the appraisal for the Senior Management Team.

Boyce will meet the board at the 25 June meeting


RESOLVED Lisa/Alicia

That the inward correspondence is accepted and the outward approved.

Matters arising from the correspondence

RESOLVED   Graeme/Chicky

That Jim and Natalie’s leave without pay is approved.

Financial Report

RESOLVED  Alicia/Lisa

That the Financial Report is approved.

Noted in Discussion

The $1,698 furniture expenditure shown as “not budgeted” for is because it was originally budgeted for as fixed asset purchases but because it was for individual chairs below the value threshold for fixed assets it has been accounted for as an expense.

Curriculum Review - English

RESOLVED   Graeme/Claire

That the The English Curriculum Review Report is approved.  

Noted in Discussion

Because the charter goal is an English Language goal this is also covered in the 2014 Goal - Progress Report.

Suggested that the Curriculum Review Report for the curriculum area that is targeted by the Strategic Focus is not reported on at the same meeting as the Strategic Focus progress report.

Strategic Focus

RESOLVED   Lisa/Chicky

That the 2014 Goal - Progress Report is approved.  

RESOLVED   Claire/Chicky

That the 2014 Strategic Plan - Progress Report is approved.  

Special Topics

Special Needs

RESOLVED   Chicky/Lisa

That the Special Needs Report is approved.

Term 1 Attendance

RESOLVED   Claire/Lisa

That the Term 1 Attendance Report is approved.

School House

RESOLVED   Chicky/Alicia

That the School House Report is approved.

New Entrants

Chicky reported on the increased numbers of New Entrants and the proposal to open Room 3 as a New Entrants room.

RESOLVED    Alicia/Claire

That Margaret Cassidy is appointed as teacher (Fixed Term) from 23 June to the end of the year.

Next Meeting - 1:30pm Wednesday 25 June  2014

Don will send out a Governance Review survey and collate the results for the next meeting.