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1308 Minutes - 14 August 2013

14 August 2013

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes



Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Graeme Shaw, Lisa Tuwhangai, Alicia Tomuri.

In attendance

Don Edmonds (Secretary)


RESOLVED Chicky/Lisa

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED Chicky/Alicia

That the inward correspondence is received.

Matters Arising

  • Noted that the property condition assessment has been forwarded to the property consultant Francie Wilson.

Financial Report

RESOLVED Lisa/Alicia

That the Financial Report is approved.

RESOLVED Shenelle/Graeme

That the updated 2013 FinancialPosition Budget is approved.

Noted in Discussion

  • The budgeted available funds at the end of this year = $361,511
  • This represents a decrease in available funds, for the 2013 financial period of $160,911.


Curriculum Review - Mathematics

Noted that as there is a Strategic Focus report on Mathematics, there is no Curriculum Review Report for this meeting.

Strategic Focus - Mathematics Goal Progress Report

RESOLVED Graeme/Lisa

That the Mathematics Goal Progress Report is received.

Noted in Discussion

  • Eleven staff members attended a Maths workshop in Whangarei in the holidays.
  • Stevie was asked to present a workshop on IPad Maths Apps.


Special Topics

Governance Policy Review

RESOLVED Graeme/Shenelle

That the Governance Policy Review Report is adopted.

Noted in Discussion

  • The board secretary will make the recommended changes in the Governance Policy.

Property Report

RESOLVED Chicky/Alicia

That the Property Report is received.

Noted in Discussion

  • School Network Upgrade Project discussed.

Term Two Attendance Report

RESOLVED Graeme/Chicky

That the Term Two Attendance report is received.

Applications to Gaming Trusts

RESOLVED Lisa/Alicia

That the board approves the application to the Oxford Sports Trust for funds to purchase bicycles and helmets.

RESOLVED Shenelle/Alicia

That the board approves the application to Pub Charity for funds to purchase bicycles and helmets.

Bank Account

RESOLVED Chicky/Lisa

That the board approves the application to open an On Call Account with ASB Bank.

Relieving Caretaker

Principal Chicky Rudkin declared a conflict of interest as Jonathon Tau is her partner.

RESOLVED Lisa/Shenelle

That the board approves the employment of Jonathon Tau as Relieving Caretaker.

Board Training

RESOLVED Alicia/Shenelle

That the next Board Workshop is at 1:30pm on Wednesday 11 September.

Noted in Discussion

  • All board members have been registered for the NZSTA Workshop at the Mid North Motor Inn - 7:00pm 29 September.