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1307 Minutes - 1 July 2013

1 July 2013

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes



Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Graeme Shaw, Lisa Tuwhangai, Alicia Tomuri

In attendance

Don Edmonds (Secretary)


Here Paewhenua


RESOLVED Graeme/Alicia

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED Chicky/Lisa

That the inward correspondence is received.

Matters Arising

RESOLVED Lisa/Graeme

That Alicia, Lisa, Don, Graeme and Chicky are registered for the NZSTA/MOE Board Workshop in Kaikohe 29 August 2013.

Financial Report

RESOLVED Chicky/Alicia

That the Financial Report is approved.

Policy Review


RESOLVED Chicky/Lisa

That the Policy Review Report - Financial Planning, Financial Condition, Asset Management is received and approved.


Curriculum Review - Science

RESOLVED Alicia/Lisa

That the Curriculum Review Report - Science is received and approved.

Noted in Discussion

  1. There is a need to lift the profile of Science in the school.
  2. The government focus on Literacy and Numeracy and National Standards has led to less emphasis on subjects such as Science.
  3. Senior managers acknowledge the importance of this curriculum area and examining ways to place more emphasis on Science.


Special Topics

Principal’s Performance Review

RESOLVED Lisa/Alicia

That the 2012-2013 Principal’s Performance Review report is received and approved.

Noted in Discussion

  1. In spite of extensive enquiries we have been unable to find an external appraiser for this year.
  2. Denis Buckland has advised that he is available for principal appraisal next year.

RESOLVED Graeme/Alicia

That the 2013-3014 Principal’s Performance Agreement is approved.

Governance Policy Review

RESOLVED Graeme/Chicky

That a review of the Governance Policy be carried out at a board workshop before the next board meeting.

Board Workshops and Meetings

RESOLVED Chicky/Lisa

That Don canvases all board members before setting workshop and meeting times and dates with a view to having board workshops and meetings during the day rather than in the evenings.