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1210 Minutes 30 October 2012

30 October 2012

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes



Maraea Kea (Chairperson), Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Mary Davis, Kaz Chamberlain, Don Edmonds (Board Secretary).


Lisa Tuwhangai


Resolved     Chicky/Kaz
That the minutes are a true record of the last meeting.


Resolved     Chicky/Mary
That the inward correspondence is received and the outward approved.

Matters Arising

Noted that as Angie’s resignation was received after 1 October the position remains vacant until the 2013 election.

Noted that the board elections take place in 2013. Need to look for possible new members.
Resolved    Kaz/Mary
That Chicky’s leave is approved.

Financial Report

Resolved     Mary/Kaz
That the Financial Report is approved.

Curriculum Review


Resolved     Chicky/Mary

Strategic Focus Review

Resolved     Kaz/Chicky
That the principal surveys the school community about the Vision, Core Values, and Goals and presents a draft charter informed by the results of the survey to the board’s February meeting.

Special Topics

Staffing for 2013

Noted that there are two teaching vacancies for 2013. These positions have been advertised.

Resolved    Maraea/Mary
That Chicky, Mary, Kaz, Graeme and Stevie form the appointments committee with delegated authority to make the appointments.


Resolved     Chicky/Kaz
That the Term Three Attendance Report is received.


Junior Block Upgrade

Resolved     Maraea/Kaz

That the Kerikeri Construction tender for the Junior Block Upgrade is accepted, and that $16,000 from surplus board funds is made available for this project .

2013 Budget

Chicky reported that the 2013 budget is being developed.
    • Considering providing free stationary to students as an incentive for attendance at the start of the year - Chicky to work on details.
    • Funding received from the sale of surplus properties will allow a budget for shade covers for the adventure playgrounds.
    • School Gala planned for 9 March 2013.

Resolved    Kaz/Chicky
That the board approves a funding application to Creative Communities.

Signed M Kea (Chair)

11 December 2012